Millionaire Dog – a dog with more money than you will ever have!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Millionaire Dog is a Spanish movie called Pancho, el Perro Millonario, about a dog who has won the lottery. Hey, there’s no rules that say a dog can’t win the lottery! Pancho the rich dog suddenly finds himself in danger thanks that ubiquitous threat, evil toy manufacturers! Luckily, the power of friendship and lots and lots of money can destroy evil toymakers, so this second rate Gepetto gets smacked down!

Cook the dog plays Pancho, and Tom Fernández writes and directs. The film comes out in June in Spain, and will presumably get sold at Cannes and see a US VOD distribution soon with dubbing and all that jazz. For the kids. Pancho can be seen driving a car, cooking dinner, being a jerk, torturing cats, doing dishes, being a jerk, making faces, and being a jerk. In fact, it looks like Pancho’s friends are the people who adopt him from the shelter, not other dogs. So maybe Pancho has lost all ability to relate with his own kind after his bags and bags of cash. The only way to know for sure is to watch.

Since he won the lottery, Pancho, a Jack Russell Terrier dog, lives a life full of luxury. His personal assistant manages his fortune. After trying to strike a deal with Pancho to make him become a star of the toy industry, Investor Montalbán will try to kidnap Pancho by any means. Pancho will discover real life dangers, and understand real wealth is in friendship.

Nope, it has nothing to do with the animated German film Millionaire Dogs!

Millionaire Dog Pancho

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