Battle: LA getting a sequel

[adrotate banner=”1″]Battle: LA made $200 million because it was made on the cheap and was sufficiently generic along with action-packed. Thus now it is prepping for adding a sequel, which will be a big budget event film. Jonathan Liebesman let this drop during an interview with Collider while promoting Wrath of the Titans, a sequel to a film that was awful which might not be as awful. But I’m still skipping a free screening to go watch a film about a hotel in India, because this is the second Titans film in a row that they didn’t get Denzel Washington back…

Collider sez:

“We’ve just started the script now, so that’s where we are. We have just begun the script. Just because I don’t want the studio to get pissed at me, I’m not sure what I can and can’t say about it. But what’s exciting is it sounds like the budget will be as big. They’re really going to make it an event.”

With the big budget instead of a small budget, are they looking to lose money now? I’m not really sure this is franchise-worthy. Though I wouldn’t mind sequels, this strikes me as more of a Chronicles of Riddick thing going on where a low budget film suddenly gets a ridiculously expensive sequel that doesn’t do so hot at the box office. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe.

Battle LA Alien

Battle LA...or hipster sushi bar? You make the call!

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