Let's all increase movie prices because you don't like 3D!

That’s the predicted future of movies, increased ticket prices as the 3D and non-3D prices merge, causing 3D to cost less and non-3D to cost more. An article by Joe Paletta makes the prediction, and it makes sense, because movie studios and theaters are just dumb enough to do it! I expect they’ll be emboldened by increased attendance this year due to Hunger Games, Avengers, and Batman 3, and then try to ram the price increases down our throats as a “discount” to 3D purchasers. Except the only 3D action I’ll get is watching my bank account get vacuumed away…in 3D!

But don’t worry, you can make up for the extra costs by buying overpriced steak dinners or something. Now, I’m all for theaters having a bigger menu, I just know the food will be out of my price range, because I’m a cheap bastard.

Now, I’m no economist, but I am a guy who sees movies and has a budget, and one thing the ever-increasing price of films has done, is make me see less films in the theaters. I don’t even bothere with 3D, partially because 3D does little if anything to make me more immersed in the film (it is usually wasted or rarely used in many of the films I have seen it with) and partially because it just costs too much for too little of a return. I don’t really want to pay extra money to bail out theaters because the 3D gimmick is turning out to be the gimmick everyone said it was, and the easy way to counter that is to not go to theaters that initiate this price increase.


Poor Leela even hates 3D!

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