Robocop Remake changing everything Robocop

Word on the street (and by street, I mean internet) is that the Robocop costume in the new Robocop movie will be totally redesigned to show off more of his face, including a see-through visor. What other changes we’ll get is unknown at this time, because they ain’t talking yet! New Robocop actor Joel Kinnaman is the guy spilling the beans, and he also mentions the ultraviolence from the original will be toned down. Director José Padilha does good work, so we’ll continue to watch with slight trepidation. Because Robocop is awesome, even if all the sequels and tv miniseries and actual tv series and cartoons and Korean commercials were various shades of terrible. So I don’t think that even a terrible Robocop remake will make a dent in the reputation of the original, except in the minds of 13 year olds who won’t have seen the original anyway.
Robocop 3 Japanese Poster

We got a secret look at the new Robocop design!

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