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Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. PhD is in court again for another Obama isn’t a citizen because he was born on Neptune or something lawsuit and the whole thing is a laugh riot. Professor HM Orly Taitz, TE is something you can’t make up. No one would believe that this is actually happening, but it is, and it is hilarious. You might wonder why Orly Taitz is on this crazy crusade, but the giant DONATE buttons on her official website might be a clue.

The previous Kenyan Birth Certificate that Taitz publicized all over the internet turned out to be a giant fraud (even though pictures of it are still up on her official website) she now has a new Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama, despite the fact it used American-style dating systems (instead of British) and the area mentioned wasn’t a part of Kenya back in 1961. But don’t worry, it has a footprint on this Birth Certificate, and it is a black footprint, therefore proving everything!

The judge is Judge Carter, who is becoming a minor celebrity on right-wing websites because WorldNetDaily and other sites have declared victory, even though Judge Carter just did some procedural stuff that is standard. Watch how quickly Judge Carter becomes the new demon of the right the second this case goes down the drain like all the others.

There is a summary of the court action here, and another take here that has more details and shows some of the hilarity that is Dr. Orly Taitz Dr Dr Professor Jr Reverend.

Orly seemed not to have learned her lesson from the last time. When she came into the courtroom there was another hearing still going on and — either still going on or they were waiting for it to go on — and other counsel were at the counsel table, and she went up to the counsel table, as if she was going to sit down, and had to be told again “No, wait your turn.” So she had to go sit back down.

Orly kept wanting to talk about other issues, but the judge kept pulling her back saying, “This part of the hear is about Robinson and Drake.” The judge told her, “You are about to cause a huge delay, and cause a procedural quagmire because of your refusal to work with each other. Because of this dispute between you and Kreep, you are going to delay everything. “Is this about you representing your clients or is this about you, personally? Orly interrupted him, and he said, “I know you always have the answers, but you’ll get a chance to talk later.”

He then directed Kreep and Orly to move their chairs closer together and said, “You need to work together.” They moved the chairs together, and he said, “I now see the two of you as one.” He then assured Orly about her concerns by saying that he would not preclude her from presenting different or contradictory theories. He said, “You’ll each get to have your say.”

She then asked whether they could have testimony from Lucas Smith (who was in the courtroom.) The judge did not like that at all. He said, “You’re bringing a witness in here without notice? This is surprise and ambush. You are not going to do that. According to waveydavey, he was not at all happy. West and DeJute also objected, strenuously, saying they had heard nothing about her bringing a witness.

Orly then said she “has a witness here in the courtroom today who is afraid for his life. Let him testify now,” and if you decide it’s not appropriate we can always strike the testimony later.” West objected strenuously saying “This is sandbagging, surprise,” and all of that. And the judge said, “I don’t intend to let two witnesses come in on the fly without notice. The judge then said, “Usually this kind of thing would be accomplished by deposition.” Then, in waveydavey’s view, he started playing devil’s advocate with the government. It seemed to waveydavey that he was playing devil’s advocate, not that he was really serious, but what he said to the government is, “Why can’t they just do a deposition since the guy is here?” — (waveydavey said everyone seemed to be under the impression that Smith had just flown in from Kenya) — so the judge was like, well, he’s flown in, why couldn’t they just do a deposition. At that point the Orlybots loved it. There was general clamoring in the courtroom such that the bailiff had to ask for order in the courtroom. West, of course, didn’t like that idea of depositions.

Orly came back and said, “I’m getting death threats every day. I get death threats on a daily basis.” She referred to Lieutenant Harris — the passport guy — as someone who came forward with testimony and was killed. She said again, “I have a witness here in fear for his life. I asked for a hearing behind closed doors or voir dire because he has to be able to testify. It has to be done. I leave it to you to decide the best way.” The judge said, “We need an orderly process. Each side must have a chance to respond,” and that was the end of that.

Once again the judge praised the government for helping to nurture the process so that issue could finally be dispensed with. He didn’t take Taitz to task, but continually praised the U.S. for bending over backwards to help the other side.

Orly Taitz

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