Jeremiah Harm – Create an alien for this film, you lazy goobers!

Jeremiah Harm is a comic series about a space bounty hunter sent to Earth to hunt alien criminals (and is totally not Abraxas, don’t ever think that!) and it has hit the jackpot because it’s now optioned for a flick. In fact, the film is so far along that test footage surfaced within a week of the deal being announced. Timo Vuorensola, the director of Iron Sky and the Star Wreck flick is attached, with fellow Iron Sky alum Tero Kaukomaa along to produce with Arnold Rifkin and Ross Richie. All this Iron Sky talk makes me remember I haven’t watched Iron Sky yet. Maybe some day…

The plan is to crowdsource a lot of Jeremiah Harm’s budget, which will totally tap into that huge Jeremiah Harm audience. Like me, a guy who never heard of the comic until this deal was announced and is only following it in case it turns into a fiasco or a golden ticket. If it’s a mediocre middle, I have no use for Jeremiah Harm. In any event, I’m not giving it any crowdsourcing money.

What you can do is go to and create aliens for the film. That’s actually far more interesting than giving them the loose change you find in the couch minus Kickstarter fees, and maybe I’ll make an alien for the film. With lots of teeth. On his butt!

via io9

Jeremiah Harm

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