FOX News and The FOX Nation: We ARE the Tea Parties

FOX News, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, again and again and again you tell us that it’s completely incorrect to associate the coverage and pundits on FOX News with the actions and protests of the Tea Parties/Wingnut Birther crazy movement. Despite the fact that you ran plenty of promos advertising the Tax Day Tea Party protest, constantly interview Stewart Rhodes of the Oathkeepers, have Griff Jenkins and other FOX anchors whipping up and encouraging protesters, and have hired the crazy princess Sarah Palin to give informed opinions on the network, among so many other infractions, you still dismiss any suggestion that you’re trying to pander to the Tea Party crowd and make money off of them as “left-wing lame stream media propaganda”.

So if everything you’re saying is true (we know what a complex relationship FOX News has with the truth) and FOX News genuinely doesn’t mean to associate themselves with the violent, racist, crazy crazies, then what the fuck was this shit you featured on The FOX Nation to celebrate The FOX Nation’s 1 year anniversary? (Click the link for the video, I can’t embed their content).

Yup, that’s right. Glenn Beck has only been on the network for a year too, but by far, FOX’s worst offender for giving a voice to the crazy is celebrating its first birthday. To me, the tone of FOX fundamentally changed a year ago when they brought on Glenn Beck and opened up The FOX Nation for their loving hateful fans. It also changed pretty drastically when President Obama was elected into office at roughly the same time, but of course a political institution like FOX wouldn’t simply change up its coverage just because a Democratic president is now in office, right? Just to make sure they covered all their crazy bases (FOX Nation would lose a lot of fans if they didn’t happen to feature every single aspect of the nebulous Right Wing crazies to make everyone happy) all of the following are a part of the short “Happy Birthday” video for the FOX Nation:

  • An introduction from Michelle Bachmann
  • Soundbite from Bill O
  • Tea Party protesters and signs
  • Stephen Baldwin blowing a kiss?
  • Glenn Beck juxtaposed with Geraldo (see, FOX News is fair and balanced!)
  • Geraldo saying “FOX believes in the American dream” then immediately cutting to footage of angry Tea Party protests
  • More Tea Party footage
  • Mitt Romney saying how much he loves the FOX Nation
  • Andrew Breitbart admitting how he reads FOX Nation and get upset when they scoop him
  • Juan Williams (didn’t they fire Juan Williams for being too much of a Communist?)
  • More Tea Party protesting
  • A colonial Tea Party guy
  • American flags
  • The “I can cure gay people with therapy” guy, Richard Cohen
  • And a closing statement by Rick Perry mentioning that “FOX Nation is the place for information”

Notably absent from the video:

  • Ron Paul and/or Rand Paul
  • Sarah Palin (she’s their leading talent after all!)
  • Joe The Plumber
  • Pat Buchanan (probably not featured because he’s more of an MSNBC guy these days)
  • Mike Huckabee (FOX News host and potential presidential candidate, very surprised he didn’t make an appearance since that’s like a two-fer)
  • Trig Palin (Trig has had a hard year being in the spotlight, no sympathy from FOX?)
  • Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. (if Palin is the princess of FOX News/the Tea Parties then Orly is the Queen. IS FOX LEGITIMIZING THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY BY NOT HAVING ORLY ON?)
  • Hard-working Americans (FOX Nation is supposed to be for hard-working real Americans, but besides the chants from Tea Party protesters and the Right-Wing celebrity fest, this video features not one regular Joe just trying to get by in America)
  • Black people (also a hard-working segment of America that is notably absent from the video. Juan Williams doesn’t count)

Pretty much just as crazy as the people the video was meant for. But why does FOX News continue to pander to and use footage from the Tea Party movement and protests yet at the same time vehemently deny any connection between the network and this fringe “grassroots” group? Does this mean that FOX News, Roger Ailes, and the rest continually lie again and again straight to people’s faces without any regard or backbone?

Is this behavior by FOX anything new to you? Go FOX Nation, congratulations on one whole year of circular-babbling crazy.

Wingnut Web – is close on brown power LING on the porch Edition has been allowing terrible comments for months and months despite their moderation system (the moderators don’t seem to mind many of the horrible messages even if they are reported) and they have been part of the recent increase in noise by the fringe elements of the Teabaggers (by fringe we mean almost every teabagger). As the Tea Party continues to get more and more violent, their online rhetoric grows at the same pace. These comments are from just before the HCR bill passed the house, but the posting got delayed because Resistnet’s response was funnier and more crazy. But now it is time for to shine!

Let’s start out with this guy, Liberal Pacifier. let’s people use pictures as their user names (let’s might be another term for “not smart enough to figure out how to prevent”) and this guy takes the cake. You might think this is a one-off deal and he quickly got banned. You’d be wrong, as he posted over 100 times in a span of hours in just one article comments section I read, which gave the admins plenty of time to ban him had they had a problem with his name.

Another stellar debater, and he has a familiar friend!

America is so great we don’t have spell check or the Shift key!

Another idiot with a picture name. The best part of this article is picturing the tears streaming down Liberal Pacifier’s face when the Dems aren’t blown out in November.

You might think this comment was in response to something. You’d be wrong.

I have no idea what this guy is saying.

Giving health care to everyone=inciting rebellion. Good to know.

Funny how you don’t recognize the consent of the majority when it involves them voting in a black guy as president

Help, the cashier lady is saying we’ll all be cannibals because we are smart! Wait, what?

This guy is just full of win!

Probably because they aren’t insane. Okay, that insane.

Hey, someone calling for a military coup of the USA, on, and the moderators approve the comment and leave it up for hours and hours!

I wonder what the other options Teri W is thinking of are…

Things are getting pretty stupid, but it’s your side doing the stupid.

Kill all Wikipedias!
fn15.jpg is a chore to read and their comments section is filled with bonkers idiots who probably went even more insane after health care passed.

Wingnut Web – Reminder That Is Still Awful Edition (or has been absolutely awful since it first appeared on the scene. The commentors are racist, sexist, horrible human beings who desire nothing better than to kill everyone who is to the left of Hitler Stalin. And they also love typing gibberish. Many of these comments require a codebreaker to decipher all the typos and random nicknames. Some nicknames even threw me for a loop, and I’ve been doing this for a year or so now. But don’t take my word for it…

Janeane Garafalo – the most powerful woman in the world!

Bright red user names!?! Looks like FoxNation updated their coding since last we were there…

MiSalesGal is eagerly counting the days until she can shoot libs (minorities) in the street

Literally ever Republican who posts on is a tweaking psychopath

Crazy .JPGs as user names! Wow, looks like the code is broken instead of updated…

Liberals want to kill everyone. That’s why they start all the wars…

If you’re gonna call out people for namecalling, don’t be namecalling in the exact same post!

Red Dawn MoFo here cracked me up with the “joy rides in our AirCrafts” bit. Mission Accomplished!

Someone got served!

The British control America? That’s a new one…

Oh, Wacky.JPG User Name, will you ever be not a moron?

Zerep11′ is going to be a very disappointed old man in 2011…

Wait, are liberals turds or donkeys? And are you going to destroy us or flatten us? Make up your mind!

I love Pick Slips!

Wait, I thought it was Communist Nazi Socialist Marxism!?

DE MEO is still around and still as stupid as ever

What does it spell?

“Only Leftist Ridicule!” says Insulting .JPG User Name guy!

I like military metaphors!

He’s got my names! NOOOOOoooOOOOoooOOooOOOoooOOooO!!!!!

Why won’t young people listen to my bitter old man rants?

Blacks are not Americans.

Minorities are slaves and Liberals are the real racists!

Bi-polar Oath Keepers, raping children at a rally near you!


Seriously, why are you guys complaining about no one speaking English so much when none of you can type English to save your life!

If you don’t hate Obama, you are a non-colored Anti-American.

Jackie Chan was surprised to wake up today and find out he was white. Also LOL racism in the last sentence.

Racists slap liberals in the face every day? That’s pretty mean!

There is none so blind except those who accidentally shot themselves in the eye while cleaning their guns in AZ.

What the frak?

Blacks are the real racists and also I keep pie charts about Obama’s ethnicity.

My son brought home stuff on MLK right after MLK day, obviously Schools are the real racists!

Obama caused all racism. Ever.

“Stop calling me a racist because I don’t support Obama!”

What’s the matter with larrykansas?

Ah, Horrible!

Wingnut Web – Novelty American Flag edition

I believe it was on Resistnet that I first spotted this:

The headline of the post read: NOT A PHOTOSHOP OBAMA ON THE AMERICAN FLAG. What a travesty, right? Our sacred American flag, a banner that represents the United States of America and has been forever tarnished by that Obama Marxist in the White House screwin up our country. Not that the American flag has EVER been appropriated for something other than a high-flying symbol of our nation (forget all the coffee mugs, denim jackets, lapel pins, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, campaign signs, PAC websites, and Presidents Day sale TV commercials). No, our country is too upstanding to let a great symbol like the American Flag be sold as a common commodity.

But I think the best part of this whole flag flap are the conservative news articles about this atrocity and the complete lack of context and information they provide with this so called story. The regurgitated headline repeated through out the Right Wing’s echo chamber of “news” is “Will Media Help Sell the New Obama American Flag?”. First of fucking all, the only place I’ve seen this story has been in the CONSERVATIVE MEDIA OUTLETS.

Put aside the fact that the article failed to mention that the picture of the flag in question is a single custom job that flys proudly (I assume) on the property of a man in Kokomo, IN (I had to browse through six different right wing blogs that linked through each other to find the original story on FreeRepublic). A few of the blogs I came across accused the property owner of being a *gasps* union member and part of the UAW, but no, he is not selling these flags. A few comments from the Freep post turned up a sole eBay member who had a listing up for one such flag, a listing that has since been taken down. But despite the fact that this flag is not a product of the Liberal media, the only people who are talking about it and who fear the media promoting the sale of this flag IS THE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA. It’s enough bile-churning irony to make you want to punch Andrew Breitbart in the face.

But onto another point, this is not the first nor the last time someone is going to take the image of our American flag and put a thing on it. How about you get outraged every time someone comes up with a new design for the stars and bars? How about you get outraged every time you see our sacred American flag get cheapened by being printed on another sweatshirt or shot glass or commemorative spoon? Oh, but no one else has ever hijacked the flag the way Obama supposedly has (this flag by the way Obama was working on personally in his basement, or that’s what the Right would want you to believe). No, no one has ever changed any  part of the American flag before in order to make a quick buck:

Somali pirates are the nefarious people responsible for this version. Or some guy on eBay.

And of course the hippies want their piece of the pie too.

Damn, maybe the hippies have a monopoly on this stuff.

Motorcycle and Eagle America

This one is pretty badass actually. I’ll take 2.

So, dumb-ass Right Wing, atleast be consistent if you’re going to get all whiny when some guy on eBay sells an American Flag novelty. It’s enough to make me want to GET AMERICAN ALL OVER EVERYBODYS ASSES

Wingnut Web – What happened to being Good Christians?

Us Americans can never be satisfied.

So September 11th happened in 2001 and after an entire day of fear and uncertainty (I went through it, I should know! It was scary!) our country did what it used to do best. Despite any and all of our differences and disregarding any areas of thought where we all might disagree, Americans came together in a unified show of support and love for one another after that attack, support and love for their fellow neighbour, for their friends and family, and finally for the greatest country on the face of this Earth, The United States of America (cue wailing guitars shooting out stars and stripes and then exploding into a flock of Bald Eagles).

Back on September 12th, 2009 Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project march was held in Washington, D.C with, among other expressed goals, to return the country back to the unstable emotional grounds we all experience after being suddenly attacked by terrorists. The march sure encapsulated the “unstable emotional grounds” part of the metaphor, one could also say like our country’s response to 9/11 the 9/12 march lacked any kind of clearly defined purpose or identifiable strategic outcome, but I also understood this idea of harkening back to the dark days after September 11th to mean that as a people who might not otherwise unite around every issue every day, us Americans can simply come together and we should come together around the fact that we are all citizens of the same country, a large group who can do more good if we work together than if we stay seperate and bicker amongst ourselves.

“United we stand” was the motto of the day, wasn’t it? Maybe times were different back then because we had our 43rd old white male Christian president sitting in the Oval Office of the White House, but the same God-loving Americans who just a few short years ago wanted the whole of the country to come together and celebrate the greatness of the United States and it’s overwhelming ability to confront crises head-on and create working solutions to deal with our toughest problems now would rather see the country cleaved into two very separate unions and have our leaders, especially the President, maimed, deported, killed, raped, impeached, or otherwise have his good name sullied.

I don’t like to play cards necessarily (No Limit Hold’em is fun though), but there is a glaring similarity through-out the different factions of the far-Right Anti-Obama movement, and not only does the theme seem to follow along the lines of religion but more specifically it falls along the lines of a particular sects of Christians. Pointing the finger isn’t the point of this post, though it’s obvious enough to see who we’re talking about from all the coverage they’ve been garnering on TV anyway (hint: it rhymes with Smevengelical), but as a non-Christian who has seen some of the amazing and wonderful things that religion can do to help bring groups of total strangers together in love and unity I would really like to know why and how many of these Born-Again believers can continue to call themselves loving Christians without fear of breaking the Commandment of bearing false witness and incuring the wrath of God upon their hides.

As far as I know, Christianity is a religion based on a couple of primary documents that contain all the tenants that good Christians have to follow in order to be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. In short, these tenants more or less direct followers to first accept God/Jesus/Holy Spirit/whoever into their lives, as a guiding force in their decision making and outlook on the world, and then thereafter they are instructed to live good friendly lives where they don’t steal from one another, murder one another, lie to one another, commit adultery with one another, and just generally have a basic human respect for every one of God’s creations whether it be someone who holds different ideals, a stranger from a foreign land, or even an adorable little puppy dog they find on the side of the road. Jesus Christ, according to the stories, was a pretty nice guy at the end of the day, but I doubt he’d be all about the ways in which many of his followers who bear his name are promoting their religion these days.

Pastor Steve Anderson

First off we have Pastor Steven Anderson, a Baptist, from Arizona who prays daily for our first African-American president, who was rightly elected by the American people, to be struck down and killed by the hand of God in his sermons to his congregation:

Now, look, if somebody wants me, it somebody twisted my arm and tells me to pray for Barack Obama, this is what I’m going to pray, because this is the only prayer that applies to him: ‘Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. You know, as a snail which melteth, let him pass away. Like the untimely birth of a woman, that he thinks — he calls it a woman’s right to choose, you know, he thinks it’s so wonderful. He ought to be aborted. It ought to be, ‘Abort Obama.’

Nope. I’m not gonna pray for his good. I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell. When I go to bed tonight, that’s what I’m going to pray. And you say, ‘Are you just saying that?’ No. When I go to bed tonight, Steven L. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.

The good pastor has gotten a lot of attention over his comments the past few months, comments which not only incite congregates to want to murder President Obama but comments which also come from a man of God, who if he really is a man of God would clearly know more about the tenants of his own religion. Even if he is defiant in his beliefs and prays to God for the death of Obama wouldn’t it occur to him that God doesn’t condone murder in the first place? He dictated those 10 Commandments word for word to Moses right? Is this like the Constitution where we have the original words written by the primary framers but insist that God or the Founding Fathers actually meant B when they wrote A? Clearly there is something very wrong with a preacher, not only preaching for the death of someone, but preaching for the death of the highest ranking person in the country! I don’t remember ever hearing about Christians preaching for the death of any of the previous 43 presidents.

Then you have the congregates who echo the these Wingnut preachers’ sentiments. No one ever said it was wrong to disagree with the President or that you’re a bad person if you don’t support Obama, that right there is critical thinking and critical thinking is an important component to any right-thinking person. Then again, those who believe in a strict factual interpretation of The Bible and who are blindly led by those of their faith were never much for critical thinking in the first place. This is why when a fellow Christian or a church pastor invokes rhetoric like “Obama is a Socialism” or  “Obama wants to force you to get abortions” or “Obama is the Anti-Christ” (a charge so widely believed that had to deticate an article to it) these people take those claims seriously and verbatim, repeating them and repeating them until they believe there’s just no way these claims can be false. Stubborn non-wavering belief is a funny thing like that.

Granted, this is a very small portion of the country I believe. We are a country of 304 million, and considering in their HIGHEST estimate the 9/12 protest was almost 2 million strong (more like 29 times less than that number but let’s keep the judgement fair for now) you still can’t really call that a majority in the United States, and let’s face it, everybody who is anybody in the fringe community attended that dang 9/12 protest. But a believer is a believer, and besides being told the message from up on high every Sunday, there is little to nothing rational human beings can do to change these people’s minds. I’ll even put it in terms they like to fashion their arguments with: A group called THE NAZIS also expressed  non-waivering faith to their leaders that defied all logic or bounds too, but they followed through anyway because that’s what they had been instructed to do by the people around them. No, I am not seriously saying that Christians are like the Nazis, I’m merely just talking about the ones who make up this small little fringe community that likes to post on messageboards alot (Hi guys!).

In my mind I really want to believe that it’s one thing to talk about the Westborough Babtist Church in-terms of level of deeply-seeded hatred of fellow human beings and size and talking about the Patriot Teabagging movement, but unfortunately there are a lot of similarities that follow through (namely that there are other generic groups of people living among them that they blame everything on, want to exterminate, and will never come to accept in society ever and their small sizes!). Finally, I don’t want to have to believe that I need to draw this point out any more that I already have in the above. Faith preaches kindness but preachers dictate something entirely different, out of their own interests, and isn’t that like bearing false witness in the end?

Wingnut Web – MSNBC Started All Racism Edition

Yesterday we brought you part one of an exciting expose of racism in “approved by moderation” comments on Now we present Part 2, where the Racial Holy War (RAHOWA) reaches new heights of open racism and no sign of moderators stopping this. All comments are approved by moderators. So we can only assume that Fox News and NewsCorp by extension see nothing wrong with what you are about to read.

wakeuppeople shows how truly despicable the typical FoxNation poster is

Even blacks want to move away from blacks. I have no concept of how crushing poverty breeds crime.

A poster welcomes a race war, and gets two people agreeing with him!

Renewed? More like openly exposed in the likes of you.

Obama is literally Hitler because of things I can’t be bothered to even briefly list. But it’s true!

Gee, if I make fun of this KKK solder mother frakker, I’ll be accused of hating the troops! But fuck this guy.

What? The? Hell? Is? With? The? Question? Marks? ??

When I read posts like this, I cry.
fn28.jpg approves this comment. NewsCorp approves of their audience longing to kill minorities in a race war.

wakeuppeople continues to be totally racist.

This comment starts out weird, but then Jaimo shows up and totally makes you want to nuke FoxNation’s servers from orbit.

Black people should bow down and kiss my ring because of Michael Jordon getting money or something.

All stay at home moms are parasites, gotcha.

Seth Oregon is the king of RAHOWA

MSNBC is entirely responsible for racism in America

I am not sure what Megan Fox has to do with RAHOWA, but then is stupid.

That’s just I am sure FreeRepublic will be racism free……when pigs fly!!!! Tune in to the next Wingnut Web to see the Freepers declare their RAHOWA love!