A Warden’s Ransom – Lifetime breaks out a whole prison of evil men!

Diane Neal Casey Novak

Not only will I defeat them all in battle, then I will out-lawyer them all in court!

If you liked that movie S.W.A.T. but thought the plot would be better if it was set in a prison and the cool DA from Law & Order: SVU was the warden, then Lifetime has your back! A Warden’s Ransom (aka Steel & Stilettos) stars Diane Neal (A.D.A. Casey Novak!!) as the warden at a prison where the new serial killer inmate offers $50 million for anyone who can bust him out! Then a bunch of action stuff happens and there is a daughter kidnapping.

Samantha Brandt is used to being surrounded by dangerous convicts as the warden of a men’s maximum security prison, however, nothing could prepare her for new inmate Vic Miller. When the notorious serial killer with a large family fortune is escorted into Roundwood Prison amidst a flurry of TV reporters he offers fifty million dollars to anyone who can break him out! Threats arise from all sides as Sam fights to secure her prison from even the guards themselves but her job becomes personal when Vic Miller decides to use Sam’s daughter Kit as the ultimate leverage.

Nikita‘s Devon Sawa is the serial killer, and Jodelle Ferland plays Brandt’s daughter.

A Warden’s Ransom is directed by Mike Elliott (The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power and producer on dozens of direct to video flicks) and written by Patricia Harrington (If IMDB is right, she directed Razortooth and wrote To Sleep with a Vampire)

A Warden’s Ransom premiers October 11th on Lifetime! This is like a guaranteed watch!

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