Revenge Porn returns with a vengeance on Lifetime!

Revenge Porn Lifetime

I can’t believe we have to pay for access to see the porn pics they stole from you…

Revenge porn hits Lifetime with Revenge Porn! Lifetime basically renamed the film for maximum clicks from people flipping through their cable tv guide screens, as the film was originally called My Daughter’s Disgrace (which is probably a bad title because it shames the daughter for what the boyfriend does, but whatever…) You might think this sounds familiar, and that’s because it is, as the story was previously done with Break Up Nightmare just a few months back. So now we got another case of dueling Lifetime movies, and only one film will reign supreme! So who will it be???

Peyton Harris’s eighteen-year-old life is turned upside down when a set of nude photos of her are sent out to everyone she knows. She is ashamed and humiliated… but then it gets worse. The photos have also been posted on a “revenge porn” website called “” Peyton’s mother, Elaine, in an effort to protect her child, reports this invasion of privacy to the police, but becomes frustrated with their lack of response. Feeling like she has no place left to turn, Elaine launches her own investigation into the owner of “” and plans the ultimate takedown. Elisabeth Rohm, Tiera Skovbye, Aliyah O’Brien star. (2016)

It’s not a surprise that revenge porn sites are creating a whole host of Lifetime movies, this is a situation that is perfect for all sorts of dramatic films and ridiculous exploitation, what Lifetime does best! Plus, it’s lead-in is the remake of Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, so here’s hoping it’s good, even though Lifetime hasn’t released a trailer for it…

Revenge Porn stars Elisabeth Röhm (Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark), Jodelle Ferland (Home Alone: The Holiday Heist), Aliyah O’Brien (Garage Sale Mystery: Guilty Until Proven Innocent), Tiera Skovbye (Sugarbabies), David Lewis (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever), Levi Meaden (1313: Bigfoot Island), R.J. Fetherstonhaugh (Hello Destroyer), and Sandy Sidhu (Preggoland). It’s written by Kendall Clark (Megachurch Murder) and directed by Monika Mitchell (Sugarbabies). As we have some Lifetime alumni in that group, things are looking up for some great Lifetime cheese!

Revenge Porn premieres Saturday, June 18th on Lifetime!

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Revenge Porn Lifetime

Actual promo still of the guy who runs a website in this movie, I can assure you that everyone who runs a website looks like this.

A Warden’s Ransom – Lifetime breaks out a whole prison of evil men!

Diane Neal Casey Novak

Not only will I defeat them all in battle, then I will out-lawyer them all in court!

If you liked that movie S.W.A.T. but thought the plot would be better if it was set in a prison and the cool DA from Law & Order: SVU was the warden, then Lifetime has your back! A Warden’s Ransom (aka Steel & Stilettos) stars Diane Neal (A.D.A. Casey Novak!!) as the warden at a prison where the new serial killer inmate offers $50 million for anyone who can bust him out! Then a bunch of action stuff happens and there is a daughter kidnapping.

Samantha Brandt is used to being surrounded by dangerous convicts as the warden of a men’s maximum security prison, however, nothing could prepare her for new inmate Vic Miller. When the notorious serial killer with a large family fortune is escorted into Roundwood Prison amidst a flurry of TV reporters he offers fifty million dollars to anyone who can break him out! Threats arise from all sides as Sam fights to secure her prison from even the guards themselves but her job becomes personal when Vic Miller decides to use Sam’s daughter Kit as the ultimate leverage.

Nikita‘s Devon Sawa is the serial killer, and Jodelle Ferland plays Brandt’s daughter.

A Warden’s Ransom is directed by Mike Elliott (The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power and producer on dozens of direct to video flicks) and written by Patricia Harrington (If IMDB is right, she directed Razortooth and wrote To Sleep with a Vampire)

A Warden’s Ransom premiers October 11th on Lifetime! This is like a guaranteed watch!

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A Wardrens Ransom Lifetime

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

aka Home Alone 5

Written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre
Directed by Peter Hewitt

Home Alone Holiday Heist

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist is the fifth Home Alone movie. This will come to a shock to some of you, who will be spitting out your coffee or vodka or coffee with vodka while declaring “There was a Home Alone 4?!?” or even “There was a Home Alone 3!?!?!” I am here to tell you that, yes, yes there was. Home Alone 3 was a sequel in name only that featured a brand new kid named Alex Pruitt who battled a group of thieves after a microchip in a car he got. Home Alone 4 is a made-for-tv flick that was originally a pilot for a potential Home Alone tv series, it did feature Kevin McCallister and his family (though several of his siblings were missing) and his dad dumped his mom for some hot young tail. Most notably, French Stewart stars as the thief Marv, who returns with a new gang to harass Kevin while trying to kidnap a prince.

Home Alone Holiday Heist
You’re so square baby I don’t care

Now that that is out of the way, it’s time to get to Home Alone 5! We return to the classic formula of a kid being left home alone. If you ignore that his teenage sister is also at home with him. Art thieves break in and young Finn Baxter (that’s his real name!) sets traps to stop them as he sees life as a video game. Just when you think this made-for-tv film might have something cool to say about modern children growing up in electronic culture, it doesn’t bother. In fact, it doesn’t bother to do much of anything except role through the numbers, which is disappointing, but not unexpected. What was unexpected is some of the traps are actually funny, they just needed a whole lot more of them. Those few moments of brightness are not enough to make Home Alone: The Holiday Heist the holiday classic of the new millennium. But I hope they make Home Alone 6, and set it at the North Pole where a kid defends Santa’s house from terrorists. Because that’s just crazy enough to work.

Home Alone Holiday Heist
I don’t know what to say that won’t make this picture any worse than it looks…

Finn Baxter (Christian Martyn) – Finn Baxter sounds like one of those made up names for kids from British stories no one ever has. But this kid has that name and he does what kids do, spending all his time on video games and freaking out about ghosts. Which is sort of a shame as he’s a regular Rube Goldberg. Eventually he sets up ridiculous traps to defend his house and sister.
Alexis Baxter (Jodelle Ferland) – Bratty teenage daughter of the Baxter clan who cares about nothing except texting texting texting. Except maybe freaking out Finn as he’s easily scared. Jodelle Ferland might be familiar to Twilight fans, and does a convincing job as an annoyed teenager.
Catherine and Curtis Baxter (Ellie Harvie and Doug Murray) – Could there be any less effective parents in the world than these two? At least mom has a career that is important, dad just bumbles around and neither do any sort of disciplining at all besides complaining. Mom does go into Mom Terror mode when she’s trying to get back home to her kids, but that’s about the parents do besides leave.
Sinclair (Malcolm McDowell) – Art thief who has spent decades tracking down the lost Edvard Munch work The Widow, because his great-grandmother is painted in the portrait. Hey, giving the bad guys back stories that make them not so bad isn’t that smart of an idea. Also note that McDowell can kill Captain Kirk but can’t handle a little kid.
Mr. Hughs (Eddie Steeples) – A black guy in a Home Alone movie! Who is a thief…. Huh. Okay. Hughs is the safecracker who also eats when he’s nervous.
Jessica (Debi Mazar) – The third thief, Jessica is obsessed over the prior safecracker Steve, who she got romantically involved with that ended badly. I was hoping she was romantically involved with Marv or something, but no such luck…
Mason (Peter DaCunha) – Neighbor kid who can tell you all sorts of things about snow and how snow is awesome and snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow.
Simon Hassler (Bill Turnbull) – Finn’s gaming buddy who no one knew was a college kid who played games all day until they voice chatted right before the house was attacked.
Home Alone Holiday Heist
I don’t give a crap what “Rosebud” is and it’s certainly not in this basement!

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Li Bingbing to be one of 400 Boys

Li BingBing

Li Bingbing comes fresh off of her Resident Evil: Retroboogie fame to star in another Western flick, 400 Boys, a British action fantasy set in the future, where the rich and powerful live trapped in paraplegic bodies and battle teenage freedom fighters that can defy the limits of their physical bodies.

I know what you are thinking, but Cory Doctorow had nothing to do with this script, otherwise it would be open-source underage WoW wiki-farmers vs. corrupt communazi multi-galactic fabbing corporations. This was in fact written by the director, Alastair Paton, who doesn’t seem to have done much of anything. But he somehow got funding for a $26 million film that starts shooting next month in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou. Paton and Bill Chamberlain are producing through China Hollywood Film and Television Entertainment. It looks like they are financing through theater presales across China and other countries around the world.

This brings up an interesting business model, finance a relatively inexpensive film through China theater presales and film most of it there with international stars, guaranteeing more theater presales. It’s like how a lot of the old DVD presales making films profitable before they were even filmed from a decade ago. What that means is, if these start making money, expect thousands of them.

Besides Li Bingbing, 400 Boys will also star Karena Ng (Magic to Win), Jodelle Ferland (BloodRayne II: Deliverance), Maria Valverde (The Anarchist’s Wife), Frank Leboeuf, Elliot Knight (Sinbad), and Chiara Von Galli.

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