The Best Christmas Party Ever rages away on Hallmark Channel!

Best Christmas Party Ever

You know this Christmas party is about to get turnt up because of all the very young children in attendance!

It’s no secret I don’t go to Christmas parties, because I’m a natural recluse and only venture out of my caves in the deep woods to forage on berries during the spring thaw. But for those of you with active social lives, you probably know about Christmas parties and what makes a good Christmas party. Did you know what makes a good Christmas party involves Hallmark Channel? It must be true, because they’re airing a movie called Best Christmas Party Ever, and you aren’t going to call Hallmark Channel a liar, are you? They make movies and cards, and corporations would never lie to us!

But let’s learn about this supposed Best Christmas Party Ever….

With the holiday season at hand, young party planner Jennie Stanton (DeVitto) learns that her boss, Petra (Thorson), will be retiring after Christmas and hopes she will be left in charge of Petra’s Parties, New York’s premiere event planning service. Jennie’s hopes fade when Petra’s charming and handsome nephew, Nick (Lund), arrives on the scene and Petra announces that he will take over the business. To make matters worse, Jennie and Nick do not get along. When an opportunity to plan a toy store’s Christmas Eve party arises, Jennie runs
with it, arranging a warm and traditional affair in the same vein as the Christmas parties that inspired her as a child. Soon, Todd Perry (Walsh), an executive for a powerful corporation that acquired the toy store, rejects Jennie’s traditional party plans, demanding an exclusive, high-end, corporate event and threatening legal action if she doesn’t comply. Nick rallies to Jennie’s support, encouraging her to continue planning the party in the true spirit of Christmas. Before long, feelings begin to develop between Jennie and Nick. As Christmas Eve approaches, Jennie chooses to follow her heart, moving forward with her party plans and finding true love in time for Christmas.

Wait, where are the jello shots off of hot nude college students of whatever gender you are attracted to? Because I thought that’s what made a good party! Never fear, the true meaning of Christmas will solve all party problems you’ve ever had, because if someone is a party pooper, you can just beat them with a candy cane. Okay, maybe that’s why I’m not invited to Christmas parties anymore…

Best Christmas Party Ever is directed by John Bradshaw (Pegasus vs. Chimera , One Starry Christmas), with a story by Lewis Chesler, Fariba Chesler, and Kevin Commins, and was written by Robert Vaughn. Best Christmas Party Ever stars Torrey DeVitto as Jennie, Steve Lund as Nick, Linda Thorson as Petra, Kalinka Petrie as Kim, Harmon Walsh as Todd, Emily Coutts as Natalie, Sean McCann as Arthur Tyrell, and Michael Gordin Shore as John Mitchell.

Best Christmas Party Ever premieres December 13th on Hallmark Channel! It’s one of The 12 New Movies of Christmas as part of their Countdown to Christmas celebration.

Photo via Hallmark Channel Press/Elly Dassas