Pegasus vs. Chimera (Review)

Pegasus vs. Chimera

aka The Blood of Pegasus

Written by Jeremy Levy, Angela Mancuso, and Kevin Commins
Directed by John Bradshaw

Mom! My toys broke again!

Pegasus vs. Chimera actually has the Pegasus and Chimera fight, and not just for three seconds at the end of the film. Sure, the fighting isn’t really spectacular, and is rather irregular, but it exists enough to justify the renaming of The Blood of Pegasus into Pegasus vs. Chimera. The SyFy name change designed to get the ratings juices flowing is not the only thing Pegasus vs. Chimera has going for it. Nazneen Contractor is a great standout as the tough Princess Philony, while Carlo Rota and James Kidnie have a contest to see who can be the most scene-chewingly evil.

The CGI for the Chimera is actually pretty good, the only drawback is I don’t like the red scars in the face as it distracts from the realism. The cat models they used for the movement are far more polished than I’ve seen in similar films, Chimera moved like a real cat would. Pegasus spent much of the film as an actual horse, which was also a smart move as the horse becomes one of the actors. CGI wings are added when the creature flies, otherwise it is “in disguise” as a normal horse, as that frees up money to pay for more extras to get wasted. There is even a bonus monster in the beginning of the film, the Dracanine! It’s a crocodile/dog mix with a name straight out of a SyFy flick. So if we ever needed a spinoff film….

This dagger will be perfect on my quest to buy homemade leather clothes at the Ren Faire!

The evil king sends the Chimera out to kill off his rivals. What’s a ragtag band of rebels to do? Tet their own monster! Thus, the Pegasus comes. Pegasus as a white horse allows us to bond with the creature more as a real being. You even feel for Pegasus later when the pure white horse has a bloody wound thanks to his capture.

Pegasus vs. Chimera is a pretty fun SyFy flick, it kept me entertained and wasn’t awful. The strengths outweigh the weaknesses, and for free entertainment that follows a strict formula, Pegasus vs. Chimera tried to have some fun. While not my favorite SyFy flicks, it is in the top 20% easily. If you are a fan of the creature features, then you shouldn’t miss Pegasus vs. Chimera.

Horse vs. Cat, the movie!

Belleros (Sebastian Roché) – A blacksmith who’s getting his Liam Neeson on, using that veteran acting style to guide his character. Belleros’s father was killed while they were out hunting together and Belleros was young. He spent the next twenty years keeping a low profile and waiting for it to finally be time to rebel against the evil king for justice.
Princess Philony (Nazneen Contractor) – A Tieran Princess, her father is killed and her kingdom sacked when they refuse to join King Orthos’ quest to become an Emperor. She’s tough as nails and wants revenge.
King Orthos (Carlo Rota) – Evil king and would be emperor of Argus, kept alive and young for decades thanks to the magic of General Actae. Is seeking immortality both via power and via actual immortality.
General Actae (James Kidnie) – Evil magician who uses spells to extend Orthos’ life and is second in command of the kingdom, but he desires his own realm. Conducts the magic spell that brings the Chimera to this world, and killed Belleros’ father.
Mayda (Rae Dawn Chong) – A witch who hides in the forest and summons the Pegasus after Queen Caria and Philony as for her help.
Chimera (CGI) – A beast from the underworld that agrees to come to Earth to kill and devour souls.
Pegasus (a real horse and occasionally CGI) – A constellation brought to life to fight against the Chimera. It’s blood grants immortality, it heals its riders, and if the Pegasus dies, the world ends. No pressure, but there is no room for failure.
Chimera has Sith tattoos all over his face!

Half-croc, half-dog, all love. Loves ripping your face off, I mean!

King Orthos’ attempt to conquer the seven realms and unite them under his banner (and as a byproduct eliminate the Tieran people for standing in his way!) is proceeding nicely, as the Tieran king is executed and the city sacked thanks to a general’s betraying. The only surviving Tierans are a loose rebel band that fled into the forest. One such rebel is Princess Philony, who sees her father’s murder and sets out to arm herself for revenge. In doing so, she stops by the blacksmith run by Beleros, who himself saw his father murdered by Othors’ men. After seeing the determination and skill of the Princess, Beleros is finally moved into action and joins up with her on the trail.

King Orthos is impatient in his quest to eliminate the Tierans and to find eternal life, so General Actae summons a Chimera to use to hunt down the rebels. The summoning sequence is rather need as the Chimera emerges from Actae’s mouth as a swarm of flies. The Chimera is under Orthos’ control via his blood, and is soon chomping up Tieran rebels left and right.

Princess Philony and Beleros locate her mother, Queen Caria (Mimi Kuzyk), and some cannon fodder guards, and set quest for the witch Mayda to find a way to counter the Chimera. Mayda says a bunch of cryptic stuff about how the answers are in the heavens, because you need a creature from heaven to fight a creature from hell. Thus, we bring to life a constellation, the Pegasus. The Pegasus is a random white horse with no wings, thus Beleros is suspicious. The summoning drains Mayda of her powers so she can’t help in the fight.

Heil Whoever Our Guy Is!
Knife to meet you!

Beleros and Philony will ride and fight with the Pegasus. The plan is to kill Orthos, but instead they first blunder into the Chimera and fight it instead. The heroes get their butts kicked, but the healing powers of Pegasus bring them back to life. This is actually a neat gimmick, you can kill main characters left and right and just heal them.
luckily the Pegasus heals them instantly.

Orthos wants to capture the Pegasus, and attempts to set traps (both Beleros’s blacksmith apprentice and Queen Caria are captured), but none of that matters as Beleros and Pegasus are just randomly captured because he’s stupid and standing around in a field. Good job, moron!

Beleros escapes as Orthos and Actae bicker and overthrow each other, and Beleros manages to kill Actae and rescue the Pegasus. His apprentice made a special weapon (a crossbow!) before he died, and Beleros and Philony dip the arrows and swords in Pegasus blood, and head to the final battle. “You filthy blacksmith!” Orthos taunts, finding out too late he should have paid someone to teach him how to taunt. We even get the Pegasus horse kicking at the Chimera for some added fight power. But the day is saved, as usual, and the world doesn’t end. But we were entertained, so that’s always worth risking the end of everything.

How to buy apples at William Tell’s Produce Stand
Pegasus vs. The Wicker Man!

Pegasus vs. Chimera premiered as part of a double feature premier along with Aladdin and the Death Lamp. What is cool is actor/stuntman Tig Fong appeared in both Pegasus vs Chimera (as a Tieran named Zo who actually gets a few lines and then dies) and Aladdin and the Death Lamp (as Goon #1, who also gets lines and then dies!)

Tig Fong, SyFy Hero!
Pegasus don’t care.

Rated 8/10 (Young Beleros, murdered father, other murdered father, weapons training, information teller, guard who doesn’t last long, Pegasus fly!, Apprentice )

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I’m the queen, because my clothes are made from Smurf pelts!
Looks like we got the wrong constellation and now a scale will battle Chimera to the death!
You just got Chimeraed!
Laldy-dee…Huh? The cameras are rolling?
That’s not how you hold a letter opener…
My sword is +3 against Komodos and Megapythons!
Let’s go, Not-Shadowfax!

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