Uwe Boll attempts to ruin films made before he was born

We normally don’t talk about Uwe Boll anymore, because, fuck Uwe Boll. But this latest news is the kind of news you don’t want to hear, because it can do nothing but spread and ruin things faster. It seems Uwe Boll is partnering up with a production company that is converting Charlie Chaplin films into 3D. This is horrific, terrible, and awful. And also bad. The 3D gimmick needs to die again, and die hard. Someone call Bruce Willis to blow it the fuck up before Boll gets his Nazi gold hands on The Great Dictator! Currently, they’ve already done Chaplin 3D – Little Tramp´s Adventure
Uwe Boll

Editor’s note: Uwe Boll is not entirely financed by Nazi Gold.