Rina Takeda is Kunoichi

Rina Takeda has been cast in Alien vs. Ninja director Seiji Chiba’s upcoming ninja film Kunoichi.

UPDATE: Read the review of Kunoichi!

NipponCinema sez:
Takeda will play a female ninja named Kisaragi who attempts to rescue a group of women being held captive. It’s set sometime in the Sengoku period, during a time of fierce fighting between the Koga and Iga ninja clans.

Here is a kicking people in the head trailer also thanks to NipponCinema, who you should probably follow on Twitter to get news first, or wait a day until it shows up on everyone else’s website.

In addition, I’ve gotten a few episodes of the Ancient Dogoo Girls series with Rina Takeda in it and….my God. Japan is on crack!


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