The Twilight robot baby too terrifying for cinemas!


I hunger!

Before we took a long drive down Uncanny Valley and got a CGI baby Renesmee in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, there was a robotic baby constructed….for some reason. And it was TERRIFYING!!! The cast and crew started calling it Chuckesmee, because it looked like the murderous Chucky doll! Yahoo has an exclusive video preview of some of the behind the scenes specials coming out on the Blu-Ray that show this terrifying footage. And now the rest of the planet can be scared!

If you missed watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters, then you missed out, because of the crazy stuff that happens that Twilight fans did not expect, thus there was awesome audience reactions, which won’t be replicated in the same way by watching it at home. I can only imagine how much better the reactions would have been had everyone already been unnerved by a creepy robot baby. Chuckesmee, you will forever live on, in our nightmares!

Creepy Twilight Doll

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