Monster High

Monster High sounds like it would be a cool film, except there was a Monster High movie a long time ago in 1989 and it was horrific. And now there is a new Monster High that has nothing to do with that one, because it is basically Bratz that got Twilighted the frak up! Yes, Mattel has a new doll line and it is basically Bratz gone vampire. And like all good franchises, Mattel is putting them in all media, including film. So expect a Monster High movie to come out soon! Will it feature a group of Monsters with a passion for fashion who join different cliques but have to unite the cliques against an evil monster girl? We’ll wish it was that good, as Monster High will probably be about monster tampons. Three hours of monster tampons. Take that, Twilight!
Monster High

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  1. At least someone acknowledge the obvious truth. Thanks!

    These dolls are from the Bratz molds that Mattel took from MGA. Also the clothes are similar to the Bratz Halloween collection. Basically they are Bratz dolls in disguise but, renamed Monster High dolls. Must admit, they are still cute, love the website, might purchase a few. Can’t wait for August 2010 because it’s Bratz 10th. Anniversary! Check out the official Facebook page &

  2. Actually no Star, this brand was in development long before mattel ever briefly had the Bratz license. Check the trademark dates on the head molds. Further each character has their own unique head mold. To me their molds are more reminiscent of the myscene look, as opposed to bratz.

  3. EEEEE! I love these dolls! I have Deuce and Cleo! They rule!! They also have an iCoffin! Its cute! This is my new obsession. Monster Highdolls and Living Dead Dolls. AND A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh this just gets better and better!

  4. okay i am a newbee on monster high but i want to kno if the only thing you can do is play stupid games like tht froggy game and others…or can you go to classes and visit the swiming pool and like go to casket ball practise and you know try out for fearleading stuff like that but anyways thanks…PS:vamp101ire is my name on monster high

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