Dee Vee the DVD Monster and more Tumblr fun!

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It’s that time again, time to post an article full of images culled from Tumblr complete with comments. As usual, we will link to sources if we can (though I’m not linking to NSFW stuff), but I won’t link if I have no idea where it came from or if it is something that obviously isn’t from where I found it. Fun images are fun, so let’s have fun. Won’t you?

Dee Vee the DVD Monster
I have no idea who Dee Vee the DVD Monster is, but he’s awesome! Can you be as awesome as Dee Vee the DVD Monster? No, you cannot. Don’t even try, it is embarrassing for both of us, and you are upsetting Dee Vee the DVD Monster.

Mr. Rock Bootleg toy
No, that’s not Mr. Spock, it’s his identical cousin Mr. Rock! Mego was a popular toy line, and like all popular toy lines, there are waves and waves of bootleg knockoffs. Mr. Rock here is one of many, he’s from a line produced by Lincoln International, most of the others were various versions of monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and a Girl Victim!!! Amazingly, the Girl Victim is a ripoff of an old Aurora model kit from 1971 that elicited a string of protests resulting in the kit being pulled. Then a few years later Lincoln International decides to do it all again! I guess Mr. Rock here can be a hero and save her, assuming he isn’t the evil goateed version of Mr. Rock from the Mirror Universe!

As you can see in this link from the wonderful Plaid Stallions website, Mr. Rock came complete with a ray gun and a pink space communicator, which looks amazingly like a cell phone. Bootleg toys, predicting the future just as well as Star Trek!

Mr. Sweet Potatoes book
Oh, Mr. Sweet Potatoes, what mysteries could you possibly contain? Oh. Well, then! Public domain is the best domain! Also there is a drawing of a chimp in a monocle reading the newspaper for one of the stories (Spoiler: the chimp dies!) via monster-a-go-go

Dancing Mushrooms
Dance dance dance!

Star Trek Sweet Cigarettes
We had a bootleg Mr. Spock, now how about the real deal Mr. Spock hawking candy cigarettes! Those of you who are young might not know that there used to be candy cigarettes that you could buy to pretend that you smoked, only they were basically flavored chalk (they were usually NASTY!) and I never really saw them again after the 1980s. But this is the swinging 70s, 1970 to be exact, and Primrose Confectionery from England is proud to present Star Trek Sweet Cigarettes! How many people do you think died because of these candies?


Godzilla vs Smog Monster soundtrack  hedorah
One of many Godzilla images on Tumblr, this is a copy of the Godzilla vs. Hedorah soundtrack! Back when album art mattered.

Horrible Monsters Vending Machine

If there is one thing I like as much as ridiculous movies, it is ridiculous bootleg toys. So the second bootleg toy series we’ll look at is this cheap vending machine set called Horrible Vending Machine Monsters. As you can see, they featured the classic monster lineup, but also “Godzilla” and “King Kong”. Except you can clearly see that the “Godzilla” toy is just a bigger Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the “King Kong” looks like a big Wolfman. It is entirely possible that there are other molds beside these and there are actual Godzilla and King Kong toys, but who knows? Your new life goal is to travel back to 1960s vending machine America and answer that question some day! So hurry up and post the answers in the comment section!

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3D printed toys are the new frontier of promotional gimmicks!

[adrotate banner=”1″]The world of 3D printing is full of a lot of unjustified hype and a lot of more realistic scenarios. But one industry that has been making use of 3D printers since before you even heard of them is the toy industry. There is nothing like quickly producing a 3D prototype to find out just how your figures will look, as opposed to a time consuming wait for a physical sculpture (which you can always do later after you get the general look down, but things are increasingly being done via 3D tools)

To wit this pair of current promotions from the two biggest science fiction franchises. First up, you can send in some photos of your head and get yourself a 3D printed Star Trek figure of YOU! A company called 3D Systems is making this happen through a store on Cubify. There are a variety of poses and genders available, though currently all figures are The Original Series uniforms. You can be pointing phasers, running a tricorder, or just telling someone to live long and prosper while sporting Spock ears. This will run you $70 per figure.
Star Trek 3D printing

Now, if you are a fan of that other gigantic franchise, Star Wars, then you are also in luck! But only if you can get to Disney Hollywood Studios in Disney World after May 17th, when is when the D-Tech event begins that will scan your face and 3D print you a Star Wars figure! You can either be a stormtrooper or be frozen in carbonite. This action will cost you $99.95 plus shipping, as you don’t get it until it is mailed to you weeks later. In any event, expect more of these promotions as they are great ways to get blogs to write additional articles about movies. Hey, wait a minute!!!

Star Wars 3D Printing

Beast Saga figure cards for the Battle Beast reboot characters!

[adrotate banner=”7″]The Battle Beasts/Beastformers line Beast Saga has released in Japan and figures are coming out in tiny waves. Luckily, that means the official site updates with all their data cards, which gives me a cool bunch of images to share with you, the viewers at home! Hopefully I’ll get around to getting some of the actual figures, and at the best deal possible, so stay tuned to see if I suddenly come into a collection of Battle Beasts.

The whale and the dolphin are cool, but my favorite is the turtle and the cat.

I know what you are thinking “Gee, I wish there was a Beast Saga cartoon…” Well, your prayers are answered! Yes, more things for me to consume like a mindless drone! Take that, savings fund!

Not only this, but there is the American Battle Beasts line from Diamon Select toys coming out soon (they missed getting into Toys R Us by Christmas!) and also a Russian Battle Beast inspired line. And that’s not counting a few other toys that look suspiciously like Battle Beasts that are also launching this year or next. It’s an exciting time to blow all your money on plastic junk!

Beast Saga Buffam
Beast Saga Ogre
Beast Saga Seylas

Beast Saga Anime

Beast Saga toys hit preview mode – Beast Fight Collection

[adrotate banner=”7″]Some of the completed Battle Beasts line from TakaraTomy has hit far enough down the line it is showing up in catalogs, and instead of being under Beast Saga it is listed as Beast Fight Collection. Whatever the final name of the line and game ends up being (Beastformers, Battle Beasts, Beast Saga, or Beast Fight!), it will be awesome. Thanks to RobotKingdom‘s facebook page, we got the images! Here are a few, more on the Facebook album. The pictures also show that the chests will contain dice for the game that goes along with the figures. And this is not the full line, because the tiger figure from the prototypes is no present in this image collection.

Beast Fight - Beast Saga - Beastformers - Battle Beasts
Beast Fight - Beast Saga - Beastformers - Battle Beasts

From Dragonautes via LittleRubberGuys

Beast Saga full prototypes

Here are the full pages of the prototypes of the Beast Saga toys, posted by lord on the LittleRubberGuys board and on his Dragonautes 2010 site. No one is certain what will be in the chest area, it may be a device similar to the Transformer Botshots toys, or it might be some sort of dice or shooting cube. Besides Lionga, you can see toys for Goldar (the Tiger) and the 3D model for the Alligator.

Beast Saga Prototypes
Beast Saga Prototypes
Beast Saga Prototypes

Battle Beasts Manga! Beast Saga (ビーストサーガ) is the new series!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Japanese Manga mag Saikyo Jump has started publishing a new Battle Beasts story – called Beast Saga ( ビーストサーガ ) – featuring Battle Beasts and new characters and powers. Gone is the Fire/Wood/Water powrs, the new chest emblems feature signage that mimics their animal species, and has some sort of chestblasting powers that we think translates into Psycholot.

There are new animals, and a return of a few of the old ones. The main character is a lion named Lionga (ライオーガ), King of Gloria. He’s depicted with green hair and red armor in color pictures. Goldar (ゴールダー) and Big Serow (the tiger and the deer) have the same names as their originals. There are bad guys who are pirates in search of a totem that will give them new powers.

A splash page features a horse, birds, and some type of fish.

Two guys attack Lionga:
Crab’s name – Tarabaani (Tarabagani is Red King Crab)
Fish’s name – Kassago (Kasago is a type of Japanese rock fish)

There are Pigs, Dogs, and Cats among Lionga’s town (one type of dog with whiskers looks like he might be modeled after the Dog Slave from the Transformers episode!)

Swordfish name – ビルソード – Birusoodo (translates “bill sword” aka swordbill if I did it right)
Manta name – Mantarei
Gator name – Arugairu
The bad guys also have a bunch of piranha goons whose job seems to be just to die. There is a Shark in later issues (キラーシャーク – Kiraashaaku – probably Killer Shark)

A shot of a bunch of dead beasts includes what may be a raccoon, a fox, and an iguana or other lizard

One of Lionga’s advisers looks like some sort of brown-faced cat/lion/something feline (only really have a clear shot of his back)

The Tiger’s group includes a Panda (Janjan – ジャンジャン) and something that might be a mouse.

The preview pages are located here

Beast Saga Lionga

In addition, this picture of what might be prototypes for new figures showed up on Twitter! So hopefully we’ll get some new Japanese Battle Beasts toys! I like the new look and hopefully they hit production soon!

Beast Saga Toy

Strangely enough, this isn’t the only Battle Beasts news this week, the American line is coming to life, and we’ll have an update on them as well soon!

Thanks to the guys at LittleRubberGuys, especially TheNinja and WhiteLeo for translation help and confirmation