Beast Saga figure cards for the Battle Beast reboot characters!

The Battle Beasts/Beastformers line Beast Saga has released in Japan and figures are coming out in tiny waves. Luckily, that means the official site updates with all their data cards, which gives me a cool bunch of images to share with you, the viewers at home! Hopefully I’ll get around to getting some of the actual figures, and at the best deal possible, so stay tuned to see if I suddenly come into a collection of Battle Beasts.

The whale and the dolphin are cool, but my favorite is the turtle and the cat.

I know what you are thinking “Gee, I wish there was a Beast Saga cartoon…” Well, your prayers are answered! Yes, more things for me to consume like a mindless drone! Take that, savings fund!

Not only this, but there is the American Battle Beasts line from Diamon Select toys coming out soon (they missed getting into Toys R Us by Christmas!) and also a Russian Battle Beast inspired line. And that’s not counting a few other toys that look suspiciously like Battle Beasts that are also launching this year or next. It’s an exciting time to blow all your money on plastic junk!

Beast Saga Buffam
Beast Saga Ogre
Beast Saga Seylas

Beast Saga Anime

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