Beast Saga toys hit preview mode – Beast Fight Collection

Some of the completed Battle Beasts line from TakaraTomy has hit far enough down the line it is showing up in catalogs, and instead of being under Beast Saga it is listed as Beast Fight Collection. Whatever the final name of the line and game ends up being (Beastformers, Battle Beasts, Beast Saga, or Beast Fight!), it will be awesome. Thanks to RobotKingdom‘s facebook page, we got the images! Here are a few, more on the Facebook album. The pictures also show that the chests will contain dice for the game that goes along with the figures. And this is not the full line, because the tiger figure from the prototypes is no present in this image collection.

Beast Fight - Beast Saga - Beastformers - Battle Beasts
Beast Fight - Beast Saga - Beastformers - Battle Beasts

From Dragonautes via LittleRubberGuys

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