Wingnut Web – Every French city is burning, every day and night.

[adrotate banner=”1″]So I was cruisin’ down the street in my 6-4, listening to a guy opine about how his shorty is a melody that constantly replays in his head and I realized I hadn’t stopped by lately to see how their Patriotic Resistance to sanity, decency and common sense was going. So here is the low-down: They are still crazy! Shocking, I know. What is sad is I haven’t even posted literally hundreds of posts of crazy stuff, and yet each time I go there I find dozens of stuff. It’s like a never ending fountain of garbage! So let’s turn this trash into treasure and bring on the Wingnut Web!

Because nobody paid Resistnet to participate in this Tea Party!

Real Patriots watch conventions that are actually giant scams

Wait, I though Scott Brown was your new dreamboat, now you’re throwing him under his own truck?

Just make up Sarah Palin returning the money if that makes you feel better, even though she’s spending it on shoes to crush little people like you beneath her heels with.

Forget those guys, do stuff for us!

McCain, You Got DUMPED!!!

Melinda is completely nuts, but what do you expect from the Pray for Princess Palin Guy’s “wife” (aka his second third fourth account)

Yes, it will be easier to take over the GOP than it will be to ignore one part of the Teabagger Union

Marty McFly takes on Sarah Palin, Resistnet gets their panties in a bunch!

No one believes the facts of Sarah Palin speaking only for money, except Marty

We should all support Sarah Palin ripping off all of our money because of Free Markets!

Henry’s Mom does not have it going on.

Larry Braid is in the trenches every day! The trenches of claiming everyone is a fake patriot but him.

Going Rogue (aka vomiting out conservative talking points while being an attractive female) paid millions, but whatever…

If Sarah was VP, SusieL would be in a ditch, shanked in the back by Sarah Barracuda herself

Sarah Palin’s star continues to get dimmer and dimmer…

And here come the morons to defend Sarah Palin writing on her hand!

Melinda is completely making crap up here, because facts are for losers!

Henry’s Mom is perfectly okay with making Sarah Palin rich and keeping herself poor doing so!

Henry’s Mom is also very knowledgeable about Anti-Sarah Palin trolls… Hmmmm…..

Marty is burnt out on Palin, while Henry’s Mom repeats a lame joke

Mindy fantasizes about having sex with the Orkin man…

Henry’s Mom is obsessed with pee…

Palin didn’t stutter when reading three words off of her hand, thus proving she should be president!

Let’s just post our dirty laundry for everyone to see!
rn291.jpg keeps it classy!

Every French city is burning, every day and night.

Your husband said to get off of the internet

The Republicans were NEVER a third party because I declare it so!

I have determined the secret of Glenn Beck: He is Lady Gaga!

Hey, way to sound exactly like the guy who crashed his plane into an IRS building!

Birthers rule, Truthers drool!

In steps Beau Burdge, Truther extraordinaire, to go completely off the rails. Complete with bonus CSA avatar!

Oh, you might be mistake about one or two things…

Basically, if you write anything long on the internet, dozens of people will assume you are an expert and believe you without any evidence

Enough indeed

Gun Avatar Guy is very obsessed with Obama being shamed. Almost as if he has a black guy shaming fetish. So now we know what kind of gay porn AZ-concerned rents

We end on some now deleted Truther craziness from our new favorite Truther!
rn461.jpg will only get nuttier and nuttier.

Teabaggers, mad as Hell that they are crazy, act more crazy!

[adrotate banner=”1″]From the “You can’t make this crap up!” Department, this past week in Teabagger Nation has been an insane ride of crazy trying to top crazy, to the point where you had to keep notes on your hand to be the craziest. But more on that later…

Things started off innocent enough when DailyKos did a simple poll asking self-described Republicans (note: This is Republicans, not those who got so fed up with the Republican Party they now self-identify as teabaggers) some questions that showed that they are buying the complete garbage the Right Wing pundits are spewing 24/7.

I’ll steal this summary from HuffPost because of laziness:

# 39 percent of Republicans believe Obama should be impeached, 29 percent are not sure, 32 percent said he should not be voted out of office.

# 36 percent of Republicans believe Obama was not born in the United States, 22 percent are not sure, 42 percent think he is a natural citizen.

# 31 percent of Republicans believe Obama is a “Racist who hates White people” — the description once adopted by Fox News’s Glenn Beck. 33 percent were not sure, and 36 percent said he was not a racist.

# 63 percent of Republicans think Obama is a socialist, 16 percent are not sure, 21 percent say he is not

# 24 percent of Republicans believe Obama wants “the terrorists to win,” 33 percent aren’t sure, 43 percent said he did not want the terrorist to win.

# 21 percent of Republicans believe ACORN stole the 2008 election, 55 percent are not sure, 24 percent said the community organizing group did not steal the election.

# 23 percent of Republicans believe that their state should secede from the United States, 19 percent aren’t sure, 58 percent said no.

# 53 percent of Republicans said they believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama.

When the poll was release, a few right wing pundits went insane. Well, more insane than usual!

BillO said

On the left, we already told you about the crazy Kos people, but somehow folks like Arianna Huffington are now considered legitimate news sources. That’s what the president should be worried about.

And he has Karl Rove on to agree with him, because, why the heck not?

But the real fun began as the Teabaggers had their $549 a seat “for the people” National Convention which started off with a bang as Tom Tancredo called for the return of voter literacy tests! Holy Jim Crow, Batman!

The highlight of the Teabagger Convention (BagCon ’10) was Sarah Palin, fresh off her quitting of being offended over the term retard:

Palin gave an impassioned speech for two-year-olds, where she slammed Obama for using a teleprompter, then promptly read things that she had written on her hand.

This is not a double standard, this is a sextuple standard! Someone call Jon and Kate Plus 8, because we got too many standards!

Another funny story out of this convention comes from this blog about some of the seminars at BagCon ’10:

At a session called “How to Unite State Tea Party Groups”, the speaker slowly and deliberately guided the audience through a basic web search.

“In the space at the top of the computer, type in w-w-w-g-o-o-g-l-e dot c-o-m. That website will help you find what tea party groups near you. Then type, Florida Tea Party, then hit the Enter button on your keyboard.”

It was a slow, painstaking process. He had to repeat himself many times, as some could not keep up; others simply couldn’t hear him because their hearing aids were too low


At the end of his “how-to” seminar, the speaker said, “Listen, if y’all can’t find your local tea party groups, just go to your local gun store. They’ll tell you where they are.”

If you think Teabaggers having trouble using Google is an exaggeration, here is some proof that it is exactly what they do, featuring TarsTarkas.NET!

Our BO is approved…by Axe Bodyspray! This time, TarsTarkas.NET is the one doing the teabagging of some teabaggers! That’s what happens when you remember the Knights Templar!

Wingnut Web – Sarah Palin is a Quitter Edition!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Sarah Palin shocked everyone with a rambling speech where she resigned as governor because she is a quitter who likes to cut and run. This made everyone in the entire universe go insane. The same responses are on every wingnut site out there, with people bitterly divided on if it is a shrewd move, or if she flushed it all away. reacts to Sarah Palin quitting her governorship by going bananas, and as that is where I copied and pasted these quotes from, that is where we will be talking about on this Wingnut Web!

Dan in Savannah has some questions

Dubhs shows how the GOP is reaching out to minorities

A Vietnam Veteran who still has acne? Must be the roids…

Dubhs and be are the classiest guys on

Joey will be back!

Remember, Dubhs comment passed the moderation queue without incident on

be’s call for murder is perfectly acceptable for the moderators of this Fox News website!

be is so angry that liberals would dare insult children…

let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…

Remember, approved by the moderators….

T.A. Tate plus 8 (feet of beer belly)

LADYNRED70461 doesn’t realize Sarah will just quit doing that, also!

If Sarah can’t handle the lower 48 liberals, what will she do when she has to fight the upper 48 liberals?


StandUpAmerica? More like KnockedUpAmerica!

Reactions are still coming in and crazy is everywhere, but this little slice of approved by moderators Fox News postings is done for now. Wingnut Web is out!