Getty lets you embed images now, so here are all the Godzilla ones!

March of Godzilla 2014
[adrotate banner=”1″]Getty now lets you embed images in your posts online, because that’s easier than threatening to sue everyone who steals their images. It also means I can use their images without fear of retribution, so it’s high time I abuse that privilege! So what I did was run through Getty’s archive and have embedded all the images tagged “Godzilla” that weren’t awful or dumb. Sadly, a few still aren’t embeddable, but we got enough to fill up an entry, so why not? The Getty Archive has millions and millions of photos, dating back 100 years, so there is just so much there to go through.

And if these embeds somehow turn into annoying brower-crashing ads as some point in the far future, I’ll just kill this post, because I can. I have the power. Nintendo Power.

So let’s go!

Godzilla and his girlfriend who wears too much lipstick fight some big bugs!

More below the fold!

Godzilla continues to have a bug problem, they keep wanting him to pray together, but Godzilla is a militant atheist!

A mer-monster who also likes lipstick spits at a walking dinosaur who was having a pretty good day until he got “pranked” by this jerk. Way to ruin a day, friend!

How you can make realistic images of Godzilla with the smallest toys!

There’s a lot of Freudian things going on in this image…

A chilling shadow of an alternate Earth!

Several of Ultraman’s foes have decided to form a union! Good on them!

Godzilla’s mad his eyes were shut for this photo!

Jurassic Park 4 looks better than I thought it would!

Here is a vector kit for making your own monster, because why not?

One of those heads is a giant party animal, while the other just wants to stay home and read more classical Greek poems.

Cars haven’t tasted the same since they all went to hybrid!

Famous jazz player Dizzy Gojira

I’m so happy to see you!

Kong’s going to be so mad this guy stole his giant banana!

Godzilla needs these towers for his pirate radio station, KIJU FM!

Pixie stix are universal

Where did he get giant silverware???

Why is he so drunk, are they making buildings out of malt liquor now???

That’s the end of this show, but there is plenty of stock photos to mine through for dumb articles like this, so expect to get so dumb it’s stupid! MuHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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