Asylum’s Asian Schoolgirls gets a poster!

Asian Schoolgirls Asylum

We mentioned it when casting first popped up, but Asian School Girls is now far enough along Asylum is releasing media for it. Thus this huge poster! Maybe Asylum will get around to releasing a trailer, what with this coming out in less than two weeks. But who wants to have hype so their film does better, right?

Asian high schoolers Hannah (Sam Aotaki), Vivian (Minnie Scarlet), and May (Catherine Hyein Kim) are kidnapped by a sex slavery ring, but the girls eventually turn the tables on their kidnappers and get revenge. Minnie Scarlet put up some behind the scenes pictures at the not safe for work (NSFW) RebelMayhem –

But beyond that, there isn’t much info out there still! Crazy. Asian School Girls drops April 15th!

Minnie Scarlet not safe for work social media:
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