Escape Plan is getting a Bollywood remake!

Escape Plan is the Schwarzenegger return film that has gotten the best reviews so far, and it has a cool premise that can work with only a slight bit of tooling. So it’s exciting to hear that there will be an official Hindi adaptation of the story. At this time, there is no one attached to star, but the producers are talking big (like producers do) and want some of the biggest names in Bollywood to rank with Arnold and Stallone. John Abraham and Akshay Kumar were specifically namedropped. So keep an eye out for a Hindi Escape Plan, and let’s see how they try to top the American version. The planned release is sometime in 2014, so that gets me plenty of time to actually watch Escape Plan. This is what happens when you’re too busy working to go to the theaters, you suddenly get dozens of movies behind! My advice is never work, only go and watch movies, until you are eventually thrown in jail for theater hopping. Then escape via skills learned by watching Escape Plan.

See? It all works together!

via DigitalSpy and HindustanTimes

Escape Plan

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