Rina Takeda update: The Tale of Iya

The Tale of Iya

We haven’t updated on what Rina Takeda has been doing lately, much to our shame. Her latest feature is The Tale of Iya (祖谷(イヤ)物語 -おくのひと-), a dreamlike drama that takes place as an isolated village in Japan is being connected to the modern world. As the village rests on the cusp between the Japan of the past and the Japan of the future, drama unfolds. Rina Takeda plays Haruan, a child found abandoned on a frozen lake and raised by the elderly Grandpa, who she now takes care of.

A tunnel to be built in Iya, Japan’s last untouched region, threatens to disrupt the natural order. An elderly man (Min Tanaka) and his granddaughter Haruna (Rina Takeda) living there meet a young man from Tokyo (Shima Onishi), and their primitive and secluded lifestyle slowly heals his heart and fosters a certain emotion within him… This ambitious film that depicts the nobility of co-existing with nature was shot on 35mm film in the mountains of Tokushima, and records the changing seasons over the course of a year. It is a dreamlike visual poem that offers viewers a truly cinematic experience.

The director spoke of trying to find an area of Japan that still existed like the one he depicted, but ultimately failed, realizing that there is only memories of the path left. There will probably be minimal kicking of people in the head, but becoming a serious actress will only enhance the drama in Rina Takeda’s future action films.

The Tale of Iya premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival and has garnered lots of acclaim from attendees, each making sure to point out how good the film is. The Tale of Iya looks like one of those foreign films that will fly under the radar for a little while, and then be suddenly championed and gain fame it deserves. (at least hopefully deserves, as I’ve not seen it!) Regardless of the acclaim or lack of it, I’m still excited to see The Tale of Iya, and hope it makes a stateside appearance sooner than later.

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The Tale of Iya Rina Takeda

The Tale of Iya Rina Takeda

The Tale of Iya Rina Takeda

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