The Cheating Pact cribs onto Lifetime!

The Cheating Pact

Wait, it’s still cheating even if I don’t get caught??!

In The Cheating Pact, high schoolers conspire to cheat to get good test scores. But someone ends up dead and another framed. What to do? The answer should be…to cheat death! But it’s not because someone was asleep at the switch. So the plot:

Three high school students, Heather, Kylie, and Jordan, under pressure from their parents to get into good colleges, convince a shy but very smart girl, Meredith, to take the College Entrance Test for them. After Meredith gets a low score on one of the tests, she winds up dead in a mysterious accident, and now all three kids are suspects in her murder. Heather soon finds that she is being framed for Meredith’s murder by the other two and must team up with her mother, Brenda, to prove her innocence.

Don’t these kids know they should have joined a Cheaters’ Club instead? Oh, wait, that turned out bad as well…

My favorite part of the trailer on MyLifetime is that one of the guys looks like a rejected Taylor Lautner clone.

The Cheating Pact stars Daniela Bobadilla, Cynthia Gibb, Paula Trickey, Jamie Luner, Laura Slade Wiggins, Bruce Thomas, Max Carver, and Laura Samuels. It airs September 28th, and remember that this is the final film of the Watch and Win Sweepstakes where you can be bribed to watch Lifetime Channel!

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