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Hello, boils and ghouls! It’s time for another cut of scare-tastic links that have nothing to do with the picture at the top of this post! That’s how we roll at TarsTarkas.NET, so let’s get on with the show!

If you are like me, you got piles and piles of stone cold cash that you don’t know what to do with. Don’t spend that money paying your phone bill, instead donate it some friends in need!

**SA CineD buddy and sometimes TarsTarkas.NET contributor Donald Hallene III has an indiegogo up to fund his school project film Slumber City:

Slumber City is a film. A short film. A Student Film. It is the senior thesis project of Donald Hallene III (aka Me!) and will be the last big chance to show off my creativity and flair before I graduate from film school.

Slumber City follows Nathaniel McKay, a struggling writer who also struggles with bad dreams. As a child, he had terrible dreams, most featuring a dreaded figure he calls Mr. Night. As he grew older, he found ways to supress the dreams, but now they are fighting their way back, and his daughter Molly has started to have them as well.

While spending a weekend with Molly, the two of them are whisked away to a strange place called Slumber City, where all of Nathaniel’s repressed dreams live. Mr. Night has taken Molly, and Nathaniel has until sunrise to get her back. With help from a strange new friend, he must find the clues to free Molly.

Slumber City is a fun fantasy adventure set in a world of nightmares and monsters. The film will be shot in the Summer of 2013, with a public release currently scheduled for October 2013

**And fellow MOSS agent Carol at the Cultural Gutter is going on another round of funding with Gutter-a-go-go Raids Again!

The Cultural Gutter was created in the early years of the new millennium to fulfill a dream–provide quality, clear-eyed writing about disreputable art. Since 2004, we have written about videogames, comics, science fiction, fantasy, genre film, romance and television. And throughout that time, we have maintained a commitment to paying writers for their work.

In summer 2012, like many other arts organizations, we lost our Canada Arts Council operations grant. The legions of mazer tanks surrounded the vulnerable Cultural Gutter. But that fall, friends of the Cultural Gutter rallied to our Gutter-A-Go-Go campaign to help us keep our commitment to paying writers for their work. While we fell short of our goal, we raised enough money to make and send out all our contributor perks and keep The Gutter going until this June.

Now we hope to rise from the ashes as Gutter-A-Go-Go Raids Again!

**What horrors happen when someone edits in a bunch of softcore spots to a Santo film? FourDK takes the plunge with El Vampiro y El Sexo!

**3 Guys step on El Ultimo Elvis‘s blue suede shoes!

**Blueprint: Review deals with a Warrioress!

**Monster Island Resort Podcast #102: Horror, Sexuality, Body Fluids, and Rotting Flesh with Thanatomorphose director Éric Falardeau

**Cinematic Catharsis does battle with The Road Warrior

**Pre-Code wonders if The Constant Woman is really so constant!

**TrashFilmGuru beams into Trekkies!

**The Film Fiend goes for 12 Rounds 2 – Reloaded

**What do you do when you run out of names to call new beetle species? Grab names from the phone book!

**Check out some 3D Latte Art!

**American International Pictures will produce a whole bunch of remakes. This is like the third time they’ve tried something like this. Maybe they’ll actually have a good film this time. Maybe.

**Indian actress Jiah Khan committed suicide recently, her mother has since posted a letter by her that shows some of the abuses of the entertainment industry.

**Jim Patterson: Black Soviet Icon’s Lonely American Sojourn

**Why Do So Many Father-Daughter Movies = Feisty Kid + Bumbling Dad?

**Christina Ricci will play Lizzie Borden in a new Lifetime movie that seems tailor made to enforce the stereotype of what Lifetime movies are about.

**Movies on YouTube

**BBC is getting a Muppet game show!

**Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers

**Japanese science fiction of the 1930s.

**The Gee’s Bend series of dime novel occult detective stories

**“‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative” by Kameron Hurley

**Find out about rare diseases meeting efforts to cure them with The Girl Who Turned to Bone

**Weird Wheels cards!!! And let’s not forget the Odd Rods!

**A cool article about Chinese military fantasy novels!

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