Godzilla #11 (June 1978)

Godzilla Marvel 11

Red Ronin is in the Choom Gang!

Godzilla #11 – Arena for Three! (June 1978)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin

When last we left Godzilla, a rumble was afoot between Big G, Yetrigar, and Red Ronin. And now the rumble will happen! If you need a reminder of the cast, stop by the Godzilla Marvel Splash Page, and check in on everything with March of Godzilla 2013!

The three monsters (Godzilla, Red Ronin, Yetrigar) battle, with Robert trying to help Godzilla, but Yetrigar is good at fighting them both. Some river rafters get caught in the crossfire, while Robert in Red Ronin is oblivious to their plight.

Dum Dum and Gabe get in a fighter and fly after the monsters, while the crashed Behemoth begins repairs.

Robert also doesn’t want to kill Yetrigar because the yetrigar of legend are supposed to be related to men. Even though this one has clearly lost it and is a danger to everyone. Of course, Robert also doesn’t try any real nonlethal attacks, either.

Robert eventually sees the Yetrigar is mad with rage and can’t be reasoned with, and will kill them both if he doesn’t kill it first. Robert has learned that sometimes the world is shades of grey. An important lesson. Robert buries Yetrigar under the side of the canyon (where he will remain until he pops up some time later in the West Coast Avengers!?!!) Dum Dum and Gabriel Jones end up saving the river rafters, if you were worried about the safety of these random one-issue flavor characters.

Godzilla Marvel 11

Red Ronin is just making excuses now…

Godzilla then wanders off, his work done. His work being to start a fight and then watch someone else end it. Robert flies away in shame that he had to take a life and is a fugitive from SHIELD.

Now that Robert is a murderer, will he come to grips with the fact that Godzilla might have to be put down like a foaming mouth dog? Or will Robert have learned an important lesson about monster morality, and which monster is good and bad? More likely, Robert learned that being an adult means you have to sometimes make adult decisions that you don’t like, but have no other choice.

And just wait until you find out what he learns next month!

Godzilla Marvel 11

The Editor In Chief of Duh Magazine was on vacation!

Godzilla Marvel 11

Sorry I’m burying you to your (apparent) death!

Godzilla Marvel 11 cover

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