12 Disasters of Christmas on SyFy!

12 Disasters of Christmas

What happens when 12 lords a’leaping leap while drunk? The 12 Disasters of Christmas!

On Jacey’s 18th birthday, strange things begin to happen: water turns red, tornados appear out of nowhere, and massive ice spears come shooting out of the sky. When Jacey is told she is the ‘chosen’ one, she soon realizes that she is the only one who has the power to stop the impending doom. Using an ancient book of Mayan prophecies, Jacey and her father must figure out how to stop the twelve disasters that begin the countdown to the end the world!

Looks like Jacey’s got a date…with the Anti-Christ! And he’s worse than anyone you find on OKCupid. Okay, maybe not these guys. But he’s still pretty bad and the world is ending thanks to Mayans or something, so Jacey’s got her work cut out for her! By the way, Jacey’s parents are named Joseph and Mary, so if you can’t figure out the “Jacey” joke, I really don’t have time to explain it. Watch that Charlie Brown Christmas special where Linus explains it.

December 8th is the day we will long remember. Hopefully those eight maids a milking get done soon so I can make some white Russians and forget.

Steven R. Monroe directs, Ed Quinn and Magda Apanowicz star.

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Written by Tars Tarkas

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