There is no parking in the Future Zone – new RiffTrax VOD!

RiffTrax VOD titles continue to come out faster than I can watch them, to the point where sequels to ones I haven’t watched yet now exist! Obviously, this is a conspiracy to get me to take time off work just to watch RiffTrax VOD flicks. Which is a good idea…

Future Zone is the sequel to Future Force, in which David Carradine is a cop with a Nintendo Power Glove that fights crime. In the Future. With Force! Except now, he fights crime in the Future. With Zone! Whatever that means. Probably something about loading and unloading. Let’s let this copy/paste from explain the rest…

When we last left him, things were looking up for John Tucker. He had landed a babe way out of his league. That nerdy kid who was always bothering him had been gunned down. He owned the world’s most powerful glove, which he occasionally admired as it sat in a box in the back of his dirty Jeep.

But Tucker’s world is about to come crashing down when a mysterious visitor shows up at COP headquarters. (Unable to decide whether the acronym was COPI or COPS, the creative team* behind Future Zone just dropped the fourth letter altogether. Also, they may have moved from LA to Mobile, Alabama. The movie is very unclear about this. Oh, and the main bad guys in this one were in Future Force, but we’re pretty sure they are playing different characters here. Lest these changes scare off the potential sequel viewer, do not fear: Carradine’s beer belly remains very much intact.)

Anyways, the mysterious visitor shows up. He’s wearing a mesh shirt and seems to know a little too much about John Tucker. Who is this mystery man and where did he come from? This is a question you will ponder for exactly four milliseconds before you, like every other non-brain damaged person, quickly realize “That is obviously his son from the future.”

How did he travel back in time? “My friends built a time portal,” he casually mentions, never to address it again. Yeah. It’s that kind of movie.

But the family affair doesn’t just stop there! In a delightful twist, Carradine’s real life wife plays his onscreen wife. The chemistry between Carradine and the woman who sold him out to the media after his death with quotes like “He had his kinky moments” and “He would go to a hardware store and buy the stuff” really is the emotional heart of Future Zone.

Mike, Kevin and Bill splashed a fresh coat of mud onto their Chevy Blazer and make sure any and all gloves are firmly secured in an out of the way box as they hop on the highway to the Future Zone!


So if you enjoy Zone-related future, check out Future Zone today!

Future Zone

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