Zone Fighter Episode 02 – Yattsukero! Desutorokingu

Zone Fighter Episode 02 – Yattsukero! Desutorokingu

aka Beat Destro-King! aka Attack! Destro-King


Written and Directed by Jun Fukuda

Zone Fighter is the Toho tokusatsu series that Godzilla shows up in occasionally. Get caught up with the Zone Fighter Splash Page and Zone Fighter Episode 1! No sense in repeating information you should already know. As usual, we don’t need no stinking subtitles!

Oh, snap, Destro-King! Is he the king of that guy from Cobra?

So we join Zone Fighter Episode 2 already in progress…

The Garogas are mad!

A photographer (who is series regular Takeru Jou (Hideaki Obara)) and an annoying kid in short short pants named Jiro (played by that annoying kid Hiroyuki Kawase from Godzilla vs. Megalon and Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster) see the Garoga land on Earth. So they go to the Zone Family to tell their story. And they’re followed by a mysterious guy, who we all know is evil.

The evil Garogas take control of Akira’s remote control toy boat! It becomes a deadly weapon, slamming Jiro in the face! I like these Garoga guys!

Then Jiro is kidnapped!








Who gives a crap! Let him rot, life goes on.

Then the Garoga put a bomb on Hikaru’s car! Luckily, the bomb is flung off of the car due to Hikaru’s reckless driving that almost murders and old lady! Our hero, mindless flinging bombs into traffic and nanometers away from pancaking old ladies! The Garogas get blown up by their own bomb, because they were following proper tw second rule car following. The only people doing everything right, and they die. Poor Garogas!

I’m not sure what happened, but somehow Akira is going to be operated on and Garoga doctors were going to slice him up, until Takeru shows up to stop them. Hikaru arrives as well to punch doctors. Hotaru does nothing. Way to help your brothers, girl!

They chase after the Garogas with the flying car, but then Destro-King shows up! He’s got two heads! That would be impressive if there wasn’t any famous three-headed monsters. So Destro-King’s just boring. Boooo!!!

The mighty Zone Family runs away! Until Zone Fighter remembers he can turn into Big Zone Fighter, and then does so.

Hey, Destro-King has Gyaos-type mouth lasers! He’s now only mostly boring! Destro-King beats Zone Fighter mercilessly with his own heads! Zone Fighter uses his wrist guns, but his power goes down. The other two Zones fly up in smokey and laser blast off one of Destro-King’s heads!

Then they give Zone Fighter more energy. Zone Fighter then beats the crap out of poor Destro-King, and gets blown up! Once again, the monster is horribly murdered. Justice is swift and without mercy on Planet Peaceland.

And everyone lived happily ever after until next week!

Rated 5/10 (Breathalyzer, car symbol, meteor crash, meteor debris, opening graphic)

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