Buy your $200 Fat Albert CZ-Encrusted Rule 34 Vore Charm Today!

Have you seen this fan art picture of Fat Albert having eaten Dumb Donald whole?
Fat Albert

Well, now you can get it in cubic zirconium form!
Fat Albert CZ-Encrusted Rule 34 Vore Charm

As the ebay seller says: It depicts Fat Albert in movement, with Bucky caught in the way and against Albert’s wide stomach. From kids to teenagers to adults, this charm is guaranteed to attract any age audience.

Yes, this misinterpreted pervert art can now be yours forever! Give it to your grandkids to let them know grandpa was frakked in the head, but he could still be blinged out!

(Also LOL that Fat Albert looks like Fatal Bert when I read it in all lowercase with no spaces)

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Written by Tars Tarkas

Tars Tarkas

Runs this joint!