Wingnut Web – Homo, homo sapien…wise, wise man Edition

[adrotate banner=”1″]It’s time to go down Resistnet Lane and see what those crazy kids are resisting to this week! Is is sandpaper? Bandaids? Toilet paper? Nope, they are resisting the president again! Just like all the patriots are doing. How easy it must be to be a Patriot, you just yell and scream and don’t think, and then get bitter and wonder why your kids don’t want to come home for Christmas any more and your wife ran off with the cable guy. Your only friends are a gun and the guy on the radio. He knows your pain. He loves you like your wife couldn’t, because she always wanted to be loved back. Ha! And now those stinking libs are coming for your guns! Quick, blow them away! What, it was just the meter reader? Uh, oh. You’re screwed now, Holmes. It must be a liberal plot. Obummer really was out to get you, better luck next time!

Rush is “my””heroe” and a Founding Father, because he hangs with the little man (from his giant compound)

Lyn Valentine never apologizes for anything. She once accidentally pushed her child down the stairs, and then beat that child for crying.

Ginny Zalnoski is Q*Bert!

Lyn Valentine returns after she took some drug that made her repeat every punctuation mark three times for some reason…

All Illegal Aliens are Welfare Queens. Those Illegals working in sweatshops and in the fields? Welfare Queens. Bonus call for government overthrow.

bumbleshorts is still trying to get Arizona to secede from the union, because of…uh…stuff!

Gee, we got two welfare queens right here! Hey, geniuses, if you overthrew the government that is currently putting food on your table, you’d starve!!

A bankrupt state is like Dick Grayson being a ward of Bruce Wayne.

Maybe you should look for work instead of reading conspiracy theories on the internet, good sir!

Thank Sheriff Joe for abusing the law to punish his enemies and racial profiling anyone with dark skin!

Let’s fire everyone in charge of government programs! Then they can all run around like chickens with their heads cut off, MuHAHAHAHAHA!

President Buttface. That’s what we are up against.

I bet this guy said the same thing about the Shoe Bomber…yeah, right!

What kind of grade should you give the Bush Administration for letting them go?

I wrote this letter about letting Mexicans die in ditches instead of having hospital care because I like steak.

Obama told me he was going to kill 50% of the world’s population, during his speech on TV. He always talks to me, last week he told me to go buy a dog, and kill it and throw it on the neighbor’s porch. My neighbor was totally mad. What a jerk!

Hey, look, more crazy mofos!

And let us close on our new favorite post, a post so crazy and insane that we’re just going to wait until the next Wingnut Web to dish out more Resistnet goodies as this one will still be stealing the thunder.

Until next time, remember the Knights Templar!

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