Carina Lau speaks about her rape incident

No mention in the article of rumors about how Albert Yeung is suspected of being behind this, or even mention of rape at all. It looks like Carina Lau is claiming she wasn’t raped now, just kidnapped, stripped, and photographed. Which is odd, because supposed videos of the rape have surfaced on the internet. I am not going to watch to see if that’s her. Someone else can do that job. She claims to not hold a grudge against the men, but no mention on if she holds a grudge against the masterminds. This article had a lot of misspellings, so I corrected a few.

Carina Lau triad photos cover
The Straits Times/Asia News Network

Gangsters Made Me Pose In the Nude, Says HK Actress

For 18 long years, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau kept mum about her humiliating ordeal at the hands of triad members.

But now, with her impending marriage to long-time actor boyfriend Tony Leung, Carina, 43, has finally broken her silence.

Back in April 1990, the budding actress was bundled off into a car, blindfolded and forcibly photographed nude by triad members.

The incident came to light years later, in 2002, reported The New Paper yesterday. That was when Hong Kong’s East Week magazine published a topless photograph of her being held against her will on its front cover.

While her eyes were masked, speculation was rampant that the actress involved was Carina. She kept mum for a few weeks after its publication and later admitted she was indeed the actress in the photographs.

In her first candid interview since the photos were leaked, she told Hong Kong newspaper Nanfang Doushibao that she had stepped on some triad members’ toes by refusing to act in a movie that they were involved with. At that time, there was a lot of triad involvement and investment in the Hong Kong film industry, she said.

“Because I didn’t agree to filming the movie, they decide to punish me by doing this,” she added.

The New Paper said that on the morning of April 25, 1990, she was driving home when she realized that another car was tailing her. After she turned into a car park, a number of big-sized men opened her door and grabbed her from the car.

“They dragged me into a car, covered both my eyes,” recounted Carina. “I was terrified – I thought they were going to kill me and dump my body in a deserted field.”

Even though the men made her pose nude, she insisted that they did not take advantage of her.

“I don’t hate those four men who held me. They were just following orders. They never molested me, so I’m grateful to them for that.”

Carina was released about two hours later. She made a police report, but the culprits were never caught.

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    • Lexa Pierce,your statement really shows you is a moron and didnt have respect for women,if your mother saw what you wrote at here,she would disowned you and claimed she picked you up as a baby in a dumpster..Carina is a rape victim here,in what sense told you she is enjoying the ordeal???

    • Oh my god y’all, an angry hater who is so mad at a rape victim. I find it funny that some people like this guy is so challenged to hate on the rapists lol.

  1. Just pray for her .. And those done bad to her go to hell get their punishment.
    ESP that bad edi man whom do such thing to woman . A real piqué will go he’ll get
    The worse punishment..
    Carina – be brave and live happy Andover forward .
    Nothing to feel shame . Those edi man should be the one did such things to you.
    Love your acting and your cheerful beauti.
    Dnt drink too much. Take good care of yourself. Pray for you..

  2. Wash yr mouth with detox before you open yr mouth scold carina.
    You should feel shameful do such comment on her !

    Leica pierce, – hey ! You should ask yrself yr brain any problem !!
    Not carina whom the victim ! And maybe you just taken crazy pills put such
    Comments on carina a victim . Hope you dnt have sister !
    You just go think what if the one is yr sister !!
    Yr brain need to be operate !!

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