Zapped (Review)


Zapped Disney Zendaya
Teleplay by Billy Eddy, Matt Eddy, and Rachelle Skoretz
Televison story by Rachelle Skoretz
Based on the novel Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis
Directed by Peter DeLuise

Zapped Disney Zendaya

Disney’s Carrie!

Disney Channel blasts out another original movie with Zapped, wherein a teenage girl discovers her cell phone has the power to control boys. Chaos ensues as things go inevitably wrong, and soon young Zoey Stevens (Zendaya) learns a valuable lesson about family and not mind controlling vast amounts of people.

Overall, the characters are charming and well cast. Zendaya seems far more comfortable reacting to all the weird things going on around her than participating in them herself. She spends so much of her interaction with gross boy antics stretching out her muscles making disgusted faces, it starts to become hilarious. You can tell she’s just having fun as everyone acts crazy all around her. Chenelle Peloso is one of those perfect talky best friend characters who wears a hat that’s in almost every teen movie (yet I’ve never seen one in the wild). Spencer Boldman is far too cool for school, someone who already learned everything, so spends his day playing the faux rebel. Special performance bonus go to Emilia McCarthy as the villainess Taylor Dean, who just hates that darn Zoey Stevens for stealing her man and her dance reputation and basically everything. McCarthy spends the whole film chewing the scenery being fun to hate and it’s awesome. She’s joined by sidekick Yuki (Louriza Tronco), Taylor’s toady who thinks she’s her BFF, and Taylor constantly slams her for saying ridiculous things (sometimes deservedly, sometimes not!)

Zapped Disney Zendaya

Yes, we were hanging out in this bathroom for hours waiting for you to come in!

Young Zoey Stevens (Zendaya) grew up with it just being her and her mom for so long that she barely remembers anything different (the reference to her father is he once gave her a castle music box, it’s implied he passed on). She lives most of her life on her cell phone, using apps for everything. We open with her mother’s wedding to her new husband, Ted Thompson, who comes complete with three rowdy boys and a dog (Adam, Zach, Ben, and the dog Humphrey). Things hit a full Brady Bunch as the boys repeatedly cause huge messes, starting with splattering Zoey while she’s giving her maid of honor speech.
Zapped Disney Zendaya

They Live the App!

Things don’t get better at her new school, as the boys there are all pre-divided up into cliques: the gamers, the skateboarders, the stinky guys, the shirtless muscleheads. Special consideration given to a guy known as The Tripp (Jedidiah Goodacre), who refers to himself in the third person in between farting on people. The only people not insane is her new BFF for life, Rachel Todds (Chenelle Peloso), and the single non-disgusting boy in the school, with the neo-leftist name Jackson Kale (Spencer Boldman). Think James Dean crossed with Edward the vampire, with Jackson Kale wearing his sunglasses inside, in the dark while watching a film strip. Of course he’s the love interest, calling Zoey “Smart Phone” as he quickly picks up on her habit.
Zapped Disney Zendaya

This movie has gone to the dogs! Ha! I kill me! No, wait, don’t kill me! It was just an expression. I stole it from ALF! No, please, NOOOOOOOOOOO*– **BLAM BLAM BLAM**

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Zendaya IS Aaliyah on Lifetime!

Stay with me folks, because I’m quoting a site called Necole Bitchie! It’s one of those celebrity gossip sites like Perez Hilton, except it isn’t Perez Hilton, so it’s automatically 10% better. But the gist of it is Zendaya will be playing Aaliyah in a biopic from Lifetime! This is amazing news in Lifetime biopic circles! If you aren’t familiar with Zendaya, she’s the singular-named Disney kid starring in the upcoming original movie Zapped, as well as a lead role on the series Shake It Up. This news has been confirmed by Indiewire and Lifetime thanks to the power of an emergency press release to get ahead of the internet news cycle:

Before Beyonce and before Rihanna, self-proclaimed “street but sweet” Aaliyah was poised to become a global icon with top-selling albums, a hot movie career and an adoring fan base. But behind the spotlight, Brooklyn-born, Detroit-raised Aaliyah Dana Haughton struggled to succeed in a tough business while staying grounded in the midst of her growing celebrity. The film follows the beautiful and talented performer’s inspirational journey, from her debut on “Star Search” at the age of ten to the challenges she faced during her rise to become the Princess of R&B. On August 25, 2001, at the height of her popularity, her life was tragically cut short when a plane carrying the singer and some of her video crew crashed after takeoff from a Bahamian runway. Although just 22-years-old at the time of her death, Aaliyah continues to lead a legacy as Billboard’s tenth most famous R&B artist of the past 25 years and one of the recording industry’s most successful artists in history.

The film will be based on the book Aaliyah: More Than a Woman by Christopher Farley, and currently has the working title Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. I really expect that to change, because, blech!

Lifetime is getting way into the dead singer biopic market, because they also got that Whitney Houston biopic in the works, even though certain relatives are trying to sue it out of existence! The movie is still going ahead with Yaya DaCosta now cast as Whitney Houston!

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Get Zapped by Disney!

Zapped is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie starring Zendaya. It has no relation to the Scott Baio/Willie Aames film of the same name (plus an exclamation point!), but does feature a teenager with strange powers. Namely, her phone has an app that can control boys and men. Of course, hijinks ensue, things go terribly wrong, and she will learn the Robert Pattinson/Chris Pine hybrid playing the boyfriend can only be loved if they actually like each other, and not by mind control.

Zendaya stars as Zoey Stevens, who now has a whole bunch of step-brothers and a step-dad, thus is all sick of crazy men stuff. Thanks to the crazy step-brothers, her phone gets all zapped and she can control guys using her dog training app. If you don’t know who Zendaya is, learn you some Google, fool! She’s one of the Selena Gomez series models of Disney stars, who as we all know are pumped out of a factory and upgraded every few years.

Zoey Stevens is a 16-year-old high school student who excels in dancing and academics. She has difficulties when she changes schools, including adapting to its inept dance squad, as well as her new stepfather and stepbrothers at home. A dog training app she downloads for her phone changes things when it lets her give commands to human males.

Chanelle Peloso plays the best friend character Rachel Todds, who wears a hat like all best friend characters ever (it’s weird how that’s true!) and she gets harassed by the knockoff Joseph Gordon-Levitt post-mind control. Spencer Boldman is the love interest who photoshopped from every handsome actor ever.

Zapped premieres on Disney Channel on June 27. IF that date is sort of ringing bells, it’s because that’s the same day Girl Meets World premieres on Disney! Holy busy day, Batman!
Girl Meets World

This is not the only new Disney film for 2014, and it’s not even the only new Disney 2014 film that has a premise/plot similar to an old 80s movie. Later this year, How to Build a Better Boy will be a gender-swapped Weird Science redux!