White Haired Witch drops a poster! (and literally drops an actor!)

The teaser poster for the new upcoming 3D version of The Bride with White Hair (called White Haired Witch and the Moon Kingdom or The Bride with White Hair 3D – 白髮魔女傳之明月天國3D) is up. This time, Fan Bingbing will play the titular white haired lady. (Fan Bingbing has somehow managed to not be in a movie I’ve reviewed except Future X-Cops!) If you recall, the other Bingbing, Li Bingbing, played the same basic character in Jackie Chan/Jet Li’s Forbidden Kingdom. The classic version will always be the 1993 duology The Bride with White Hair parts 1 and 2, with Brigitte Lin in the title role.

The new Bride with White Hair caused some controversy when actor Huang Xiaoming was injured on set, sustaining a comminute fracture in two toes on his left foot. That basically means his toe bones were smashed! Of course, he’s a workaholic, and was soon back in the swing of things despite the injury.

Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung/Zhang Zhiliang directs this new version of the tale, which is from Mainland China production companies. Vincent Zhao stars alongside Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming, along with costars Wang Xuebing, Shera Li, Mark Du, Nicholas Tse, and Kevin Yan.

via Filmsmash and AsianFanatics

White Hair Witch 3d poster