Firefall game trailer is a B movie of its own

Firefall is a free to play open world MMO Shooter. I don’t play games enough to be concerned about that, but I am concerned about Firefall‘s neat promotional video that looks like a nice 1980s direct to VHS science fiction film (except for the bullet time!) Because it is awesome. Red 5 Studios is the crew behind the game. Whether or not this game interests you, as connoisseurs of bad cinema the YouTube video is required viewing!

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Super Mario Bros. – New RiffTrax VOD!

From your voting finger to your VOD comes the newest RiffTrax VOD, the infamously terrible Super Mario Bros. movie! Even though I like this film because it’s so shamelessly insane, it is still awful and packed with all sorts of absurd things that just cry out to be riffed. And Super Mario Bros. was one of the highest rated films requested to be riffed in the new feedback feature on Yes, even I voted for it. So chow down on some magic mushrooms (and pray you didn’t eat the mushrooms that will kill you!) and enjoy this funktacular RiffTrax experience!

Finally Super Mario Bros. gets the RiffTrax parody treatment!

The world, characters, music, even the sound effects of the Mario video games are among the most iconic entertainment creations of the 20th century. So naturally if you made a Mario movie, you’d want to abandon everything that people liked and recognized about them, and then just in case people were still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, throw in The Happening star John Leguizamo.

Let’s say you went to the cinema hoping to see your favorite character from Mario 3, the red carnivorous fish Big Bertha. Ignoring the fact that you are a moron for your favorite character not being the King of Ice World when he’s been transformed into a seal, you might be disappointed to to learn that in the movie, Big Bertha is instead a large, violent woman with prodigious cleavage who wears S & M-esque garb. (Or maybe you’re into that. In that case, you’re probably not welcome in many of the theaters that were showing Super Mario Bros.)

So Big Bertha isn’t a fish, the goombas aren’t tiny, stompable, sentient mushrooms, and there’s nary a Tanooki suit to be found. No big deal, as long as the Mario Brothers are still brothers, right? What’s that? For no apparent reason Luigi is the adopted ward of Mario? Well, maybe it could still work as long as the movie isn’t an incoherent, hideous mess full of shouting and chaos and cheap sets and… Why are you shaking your head sadly?

Strap on your Kuribo’s shoes and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill up on Jugem’s Cloud for riffing on the best live action Mario property that doesn’t contain Captain Lou Albano.

Super Mario Bros. Rifftrax

Get crafty with the Minecraft Movie!

My Little Pony Minecraft

The Minecraft film will just be a remake of Troy!

Minecraft is an open world game that I know mainly from playing with my young nephew and conspiring to get him to blow up hours of his hard work in game. I mean, to have fun. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And tickets to movies is what Warner Brothers wants you to buy, snatching up Minecraft and comparing it to the amazing Lego Movie. But Lego Movie‘s awesomeness comes not because it is a familiar property filled with familiar properties, but because the story has heart. The familiar properties are just like M&Ms in your McFlurry.

MineCraft doesn’t have Batman or retro Spacemen or even decades of nostalgia as an aide, so Minecraft is already coming in behind the curve. But there is potential there. Minecraft videos cloud my YouTube feeds, many with six digit views stats despite being hours long and looking very boring. It has a rabid fanbase among young kids and people who like watching Twitch streams, so there is an audience, as long as the script and story doesn’t turn out to be ridiculous and stupid. But has Hollywood ever made a bad movie? Obviously not!

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Links Complex

Hey, it’s about time I put up a new wall of links. In fact, I had so many that I had saved in various drafts I combined several together for this entry, and will get a separate entry that is links to cool posts on movie blogs later in the week. Learn from me and finish your articles! But let’s get on with the show…

**An awesome graphic about gender inequality in film. Especially relevant since this is the first time in forty years a female-lead movie was tops at the box office.

**Can it be December already so I can watch the new Jiang Wen movie? Gone with the Bullets (一步之遙) will be the followup to Let the Bullets Fly, which was spectacularly awesome. Jiang stars along with Ge You, Shu Qi, Wang Zhiwen, Wen Zhang, and Zhou Yun, and the plot involves a beauty pageant.

**In yet another short gets optioned into a feature film news, Beyond has been optioned by SyFy. Beyond was created by Raphael Rogers, who wrote and directed it on a budget of $1000. Beyond is about a woman who can teleport across space and time, and is the last of her family.

You can watch Beyond here, it is less than 9 minutes long.

**Everyone’s favorite mobile game that’s just the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark will hit the big screen, where hopefully it will be more than just 90 minutes of the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Temple Run becomes the latest of small scale games to get a movie option (preceded by Angry Birds), thanks to Warner Bros., who are increasingly desperate to find a new franchise to milk. Speaking of which, I need to rewatch Raiders of the Lost Ark….

**South African thriller iNumber Number will get an American remake by Universal. No word yet on if writer/director Donovan Marsh will be involved. iNumber Number is about an honest cop who goes bad after being cheated out of a promotion. Soon he has bigger problems when the gang he robs wants revenge.

**I am very excited about the Flawed Dogs animated movie, based on the books by Berkeley Breathed, specifically The Shocking Raid on Westminster.
Flawed Dogs

**Nickelodeon will bring us a film called Boogeymen, where a kid teams with the Boogeyman to investigate paranormal activity. I guess it’s sort of like that old Fred Savage movie Little Monsters, except they do Scooby-Doo stuff instead of just act silly. Boogeymen is based on a pitch from John Sullivan, and Howard Deutch will direct. Howard Deutch directed Pretty in Pink and several random sequels: The Odd Couple 2, Grumpier Old Men, and The Whole Ten Yards

**I’ve been arguing this for years, nice to see it getting some actual attention. It is possible you are made up of more than one genome, due to absorbing other genomes in the womb. It’s a type of chimerism that turns out to be a lot less rare than previously thought.

**From Pyongyang to Mars: Sci-fi, Genre, and Literary Value in North Korea

**Mel Gibson, Taylor Lautner and the 20-Year Effort to Make a ‘Stretch Armstrong’ Movie

**The Adventures of Pete and Pete is back (sort of) in podcast form!

**The MPAA, RIAA, and various ISPs have come up with their own “downloading is bad” school curriculum for California. A bit of advice: unless this crap is on the state exams, no teacher is going to bother. Though I wouldn’t put it past one of those “charter” schools after the MPAA gives them a sizable donation. Because they’re greedy cesspools.

**The awesome story of young Russian WWII heroine Zinaida Portnova

**Explore hundreds of old movie magazines for free thanks to Lantern/The Media History Digital Library! Say goodbye to your free time!

**After the Cinema of Disgust – A close reading of the renegade New Wave of Tamil Cinema

**Remember in The Wizard of Oz when Scarecrow had a gun?

**Air Bud is real!

**Jon Sorensen – Personal recollections and impressions of working on Alien

**The Great Lester proves even a dummy can go to jail!
The Great Lester

Shadow of the Colossus movie lumbers forward

Shadow of the Colossus

The classic game Shadow of the Colossus has been optioned for a feature for Sony. Shadow of the Colossus is one of those games that is often mentioned in the “Are video games art?” debates, and has a whole host of obsessive fans (rightfully so!) The game may be one of the greatest of all time (though it’s no Dig Dug!)

Shadow of the Colossus was optioned in 2009, but there was little word until Chronicle director Josh Trank was attached in 2012 (he’s also working on The Red Star and the Fantastic Four reboot.) Seth Lochhead will be writing the film. This will be one of those films that everyone will have high demands of, so hopefully it gets pulled off correctly. Because if they don’t, it will be a disaster and the internet will run red with the comments of the damned!

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Post Noobz or get out!

Better yet, just get out, so you don’t have to watch Noobz, which is one of those comedies that will be big business for psychiatrists in the decades to come. A video game nerd roadtrip movie that looks like it ganked the plot from The Wizard and just made everyone 30 (it’s even Gears of War 3 instead of Super Mario 3!) With gay jokes, of course, because who doesn’t love a few good gay jokes. Jason Mewes and Blake Freeman star, with Casper Van Dien and Bill Bellamy in extended cameos. Blake Freeman directs and you can see it everywhere January 25, 2013!

Noobz van dien