2009: Lost Memories

2009: Lost Memories

2009: Lost Memories
Dong-Kun Jang as Masayuki Sakamoto
Tooru Nakamura as Shojiro Saiko

Japan is the reigning Asian Power after controlling Korea and China since the early 20th century. How did this come to pass? Well, in 1909, the Assassination of Chosun Governor Ito Hirobumi by Cheong-Kun Ahn was prevented. And that lead to greater Japanese dominance of the entire region. Suddenly history is different:

1910 Takeover of Chosun (Korean Penninsula)
1919 Illegal gathering in Pagoda Park dispearsed
1921 Second Governor of Chosun appointed (Inoeu)
1932 BG Yoon killed in Honxiao Park, Shanghai
1936 Japan and US soldiers fight as allies in WW2 (wait a min…)
1943 Japan takes over Manchuria
1946 Atomic bombs dropped over Berlin ends WW2 (Now WAIT a min!)
1960 Japan accepted in the UN as a permanent member of the Security Council
1965 Sakura I satellite goes into orbit
1988 Olympic games in Nagoya
2002 Soccer World Cup held in Japan

Hey, sort of slanted against South Korea’s accomplishments at the end there…

2009: Lost Memories
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