90210 Shark Attack chomps zip codes for fun!

Hide your Peach Pits, because the sharks are coming to the most famous zip code in America, and they’re hungry! The amazing director of A Talking Cat!?! and the 1313 series (or for us old school fans, Beach Babes from Beyond and Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000!) David DeCoteau is bring us 90210 Shark Attack, and it features a bunch of people like Nikkie BreAnne Wells, Donna Wilkes, Rachel Rosenstein, Stephanie Shemanski, Jeffrey Decker, Braden Bacha, and Judson Birza. I can’t help but notice none of those names are Beverly Hills 90210 cast members. Seriously, why isn’t Gabrielle Carteris on board? She could still be playing a high schooler, because why not?

90210 Shark Attack is scheduled for an October 2014 release. Until then, we just have to enjoy this cool poster, and hope DeCoteau brings his A-game.

via TeenageThunder
90210 Shark Attack