Marriage of Lies brings the truth to Lifetime!

Marriage of Lies Lifetime

I didn’t kill my husband, because someone else killed him first!

Those darn men are up to no good again, this time marrying women while having secrets of their own! Marriage of Lies features one such man, except for the fact that his secrets get him disappeared, and then his poor wife has to spend the rest of the film proving that she didn’t kill him. As he just disappeared instead of was found dead, I’m thinking a twist of him not being dead will happen. But we shall see.

Basically, I’m watching this one because Corin Nemec is in it. He plays one of the cops investigating the case, so his role might not be that big, but he always brings 110% and the film will be a thousand times better with him involved even if his role is very tiny. Beyond that, I can’t say much, the teaser barely showed anything and the plot line isn’t anything we haven’t seen a hundred times before. So it’s all up to the creative team to give us a winner!

When Rachel’s husband disappears, the police have one suspect: her. While trying to prove her innocence, she uncovers many secrets about the man she married.

Marriage of Lies is directed by Danny J. Boyle (The Assistant) and written by Brian D. Young (Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep) with contributions by Matt Hamilton (The Actress Diaries ). It stars April Bowlby, Corin Nemec, Ryan Bittle, Virginia Williams, Eric Scott Woods, and Madison Iseman.

Marriage of Lies premieres on Saturday, May 21st on Lifetime!

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Love By the Book turns pages on Hallmark Channel!

Love By The Book Hallmark

The book is a Pirate Book! MuHAHAHAHA!!!

Hallmark Channel may be throwing out a bajillion romance movies, but here is a romance movie that seems to say that maybe real life isn’t a romance movie! Heavy subject, yes (not really), but unexpected and just subversive enough that Love By the Book could be a breakout, though I’m going to guess she does end up with the guy who isn’t perfect but that understands her. Because anything else would be a sad ending. And that’s just not by the book!

After a childhood filled with reading fairytales, bookstore owner Emma believes in handsome princes and happily ever afters. Unlike her happily married coworkers Marilyn and Phil, or her sister Jane and Jane’s fiancé Greg, Emma has yet to be swept away in her own fairytale romance. Trying to find the time to both pursue an idyllic love life and to impress her store’s investor, Frank, Emma must balance dating the romantic Landon with working at her store with Frank’s nettlesome son, Eric.

Although Landon demonstrates real prince charming potential with his romantic overtures, he doesn’t understand her priorities or support her passions like Eric does. As Emma considers her future, can she take on the challenges of real love instead of storybook romance?

Love By the Book stars Leah Renee (Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure) as Emma, Kristopher Turner (The Triumph of Dingus McGraw: Village Idiot) as Eric, John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard!) as Frank, Ryan Bittle (All My Children) as Landon, Stefanie Powers (Hart to Hart!) as Marilyn, Cherilyn Wilson (True Blood) as Jane, Cuyle Carvin (Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman) as Greg, and Michael Ensign (Ghostbusters!) as Phil)

Love By the Book is directed by David S. Cass, Sr. (Matchmaker Santa, a bajillion mystery movies) and written by Jeff Bonnett (his first film), Abbey Cleland (Help for the Holidays), and Jennifer Notas (Stolen from the Womb and Perfect on Paper) Love By the Book was called Mr Fiction in production.

Love By the Book premieres Saturday, January 24 on Hallmark Channel!

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