Let's find out What Happened to Monday?

Garfield Monday

Noomi Rapace is set to multiply all over your movie screens, as the actress is slated to play septuplets in the scifi drama What Happened to Monday? Set in the future where a one child policy for families are enforced with an iron fist, Rapace’s septuplets must remain hidden, but then have to team up and overcome their differences when one of them vanishes. Judging by the title, each septuplet is named after a day of the week, and the one called Monday is the one who goes missing. I will also postulate that their method of hiding is to have each septuplet only leave to the outside world once a week. What Happened to Monday? will be directed by Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) from a script by Max Botkin (which was on the Black List). Max Botkin’s other big script was for Cody the Robosapien, so, uh….. Yeah. But Hansel & Gretel wasn’t terrible, and Noomi Rapace is always good even if the film she’s in isn’t. So here’s hopin’!

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“They Look Like They Make Sense, Don’t They?” – A Reassessment of Prometheus

The following article is unapologetically spoilerific on the subject of Prometheus. If you haven’t seen that film, I’d suggest doing that before reading this. Also, I should warn you that I am quite blunt about genital descriptions, in keeping with the imagery of the film.

Prometheus was one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year. Fans of the Alien films, i.e: everyone, were chomping at the bit for the answers to the unanswerable questions posed by that film’s mysterious “Space Jockey”. Who was that guy? What was his connection to the titular alien? What happened to the rest of them? Well, Ridley Scott finally got his chance to try to answer all these questions in the form of Prometheus, a prequel of sorts to the 1979 film. We were finally going to find out what it was all about!

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