Bridal Wave rolls into Hallmark Channel!

Bridal Wave Hallmark

You can’t stop the tides, but you can hide behind a coat rack!

Bridal Wave is yet another Hallmark Channel warning about rushing into marriage, because once again a bride-to-be is having doubts and then some random guy pops out of nowhere to disrupt everything! The lesson is, don’t get married unless you 100% know you want to get married and stay married. That concept may seem simple, but there sure are a lot of people who don’t bother to follow it, and a lot of people who easily change their minds once they are married.

Romance movies like this are all about wondering if the woman/guy will drop their zero and get with the hero, so expect 90 minutes of Georgie waffling back and forth on if she wants to stick with the lame-o or run off with the guy she just met at an island resort. Since the synopsis shows the mom-in-law is a classist jerk, I’m already cheering for her to live with the unemployed guy who lives on the island. Maybe that ends up being better than it sounds? We’ll have to watch Bridal Wave to be sure, but if it doesn’t feature the bride on a surf board in her bridal dress (preferably while running away from her wedding), it will disappoint.

As her wedding day draws near, Georgie Dwyer (Arielle Kebbel) has doubts surrounding her plans to marry Dr. Phillip Hamilton (David Haydn-Jones), a dashing and prominent plastic surgeon. Though Phillip qualifies as the “perfect” fiancé, Georgie feels a romantic spark is missing in their relationship. Tensions rise even further when Phillip’s sophisticated mother, Felice (Jaclyn Smith), blatantly frowns upon Georgie’s working class origins. On the picturesque island, Georgie keeps finding herself in chance encounters with Luke Griggs (Andrew W. Walker), a handsome ex-architect, who walked away from a high-end architectural firm to enjoy a simple, no-frills life. When an undeniable chemistry develops between Georgie and Luke, Georgie must decide if she’s going to move ahead with her rapidly approaching marriage to Phillip.

Bridal Wave stars Arielle Kebbel (90210) as Georgie, Andrew Walker (Wedding Planner Mystery) as Luke, David Haydn-Jones (A Cookie Cutter Christmas) as Phillip, Colleen Wheeler (Better Than Chocolate) as Emma, Anna Van Hooft (Flash Gordon) as Melissa, Daryl Shuttleworth (Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway) as Judd, and Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels) as Felice.

Bridal Wave is directed by Michael M. Scott (Along Came a Nanny) and written by Hallmark Channel regulars and husband and wife team Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky (A Royal Christmas and Surprised by Love)

Bridal Wave premieres Saturday, January 17th on Hallmark Channel!

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Surprised By Love prepares the Twinkie hijinks on Hallmark Channel!

Surprised by Love Hallmark

More like Surprised by Twinkies!

When in the history of ever have ridonkulous plans to con your in-laws into liking you ever worked? Luckily for the romantic comedy business, the answer is never, and the antics have fueled a bajillion movies. Surprised By Love features a successful guy that the in-laws don’t like, setting his girlfriend up with a “loser” so he’ll look better, except the loser might just be a winner. How much agency does the girlfriend have in this situation? Because she’s described as no-nonsense yet she’s putting up with this nonsense.

Whatever the reasons, expect a bunch of madcap misunderstandings and antics that are straight out of a Frasier episode.

Josie Mayfield, a no-nonsense businesswoman working at her father’s successful cookware company, thinks her boyfriend Richard is the perfect man – handsome, successful and driven. The problem is that Josie’s parents, Joseph and Claire, do not agree. When Josie meets up with Gridley, an underachieving, old high school flame (who still has a crush on Josie), Richard dreams up a plan to make himself look good to Josie’s parents: Gridley will be Josie’s date at Joseph and Claire’s upcoming anniversary party. When Joseph and Claire see Josie with a “loser,” they’ll give anything to have Richard back in the picture. At least, that’s the plan.

Over the anniversary party weekend, the plan goes awry in every way, and Josie must decide which direction her life – romantic and otherwise – is going to take.

Surprised by Love is directed by Robert Iscove (who helmed the immortal films From Justin to Kelly and Whiskey Business) It’s written by the husband and wife team that brought us A Royal Christmas, Neal Dobrofsky and Tippi Dobrofsky.

Surprised By Love stars Hilarie Burton (White Collar) as Josie, Paul Campbell (Billy from Battlestar Galactica) as Gridley, Malcolm Stewart (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore) as Joseph, Wanda Cannon (Heartland) as Claire, Leanne Lapp (Snowmageddon) as Mindy, Aaron Craven (Independence Daysaster) as Richard, and Tim Conway (What’s a Tim Conway?) as Grandad.

Surprised By Love premieres Saturday, January 3rd on Hallmark Channel!

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