Megafoot stomps to life!


Direct from Rolfe Kanefsky’s Facebook comes concept art for Megafoot! Just what is Megafoot? Imagine Bigfoot with lots of cybernetic enhancements. And never fear, a normal Bigfoot will fight Megafoot! Beyond knowing that Rolfe Kanefsky wrote the script and that they hope to film in spring, there is no other information yet beyond the images and a sentence or two. But do you really need all that information to watch a film called Megafoot? Come on, man! Megafoot for life!

So why is this Megafoot cybernetically enhanced? Is it the Borg? Mad scientist? Aliens? Is Megafoot just a DIY Bigfoot with a subscription to Maker Magazine? All questions will be answered when Megafoot stomps onto your video player screens!

Megafoot already has a Facebook page, a Twitter, and a lot of interest.

“It’s bigger than Big!” it’s MEGAFOOT!

via DreadCentral