Make fangs for Vampire Schoolgirls!

Vampire Schoolgirls is a film I found out about by following trails on the IMDB while looking at who starred in what and then looking at their costars and suddenly I’m in films I’ve never heard of. I play the same game with Wikipedia sometimes. Thanks to this film being almost invisible on the internet (and one of the production companies being called “Black Fish Films” that returns only Google results for the film Blackfish), all I know about Vampire Schoolgirls is what is on the imdb page. Which includes a plot synopsis and writer and some stars, but no director. But as Douglas Knox has directed all the shorts he previously wrote, it might be safe to assume he’s directing here. This also looks like his first feature length film.

In a town infested with Vampires, the citizens hire a priest and his team of sexy Vampire Hunters to drive them out, but a new girl in town could be the secret weapon they have been looking for in their war with the vampires.

Listed cast on IMDB: Christiana Leucas, Catherine Annette, Jessica Andres, Matthew Ashford, Lindsay Lamb, Dawn Michaels, Craig Michaelson, Lana Kirata, Kristin Elliott, Victoria Levine, Patrick Coleman Duncan, and Jamie Suraci. Vampire Schoolgirls has a 2015 release date scheduled, we’ll keep you in the know if further developments develop!