At The Circus (Review)

At The Circus

Groucho Marx as J. Cheever Loophole
Chico Marx as Antonio Pirelli
Harpo Marx as Punchy
Kenny Baker as Jeff Wilson
Florence Rice as Julie Randall
Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Susan Dukesbury

Another Marx Brother’s film! This one has Our Boys involved in Hot Circus Action, gorillas gone wild, ceiling walking, quotes galore, cannons, quips, gags, and lots of fun. A welcome change from the parade of Turkish Monstrosities.

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A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

Groucho Marx as Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush
Harpo Marx as Stuffy
Chico Marx as Tony
Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Upjohn

Classic Marx Brothers fare, this is the second film after the brothers went to MGM, a follow up to A Night at the Opera. The funny flies fast and furious here, though there are a few slow spots (most noticeably during the ballet number in the middle of the film). Has the classic “Toostie Frootsie” Ice Cream skit and the examination scene.
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