Terrifying Confessions of a Captive Woman (Review)

Terrifying Confessions of a Captive Woman

aka Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen aka The Angel and the Beasts aka Triangle of Lust

Patricia Adriani as Susan Murphy
Bárbara Rey as Sophie
José Antonio Ceinos as Beardo
Miguel Ángel Godó
Manu as ???
Eric Wedekind as ???
José Luis Alexandre
Directed by Hubert Frank

From Germany we get a piece of cinema trash known by many names. Terrifying Confessions of a Captive Woman. The Angel and the Beasts. Triangle of Lust. They are all one and the same. And that same is exploitation junk. Luckily, the movie throws us a bone by delivering more full frontal nudity than you can shake a stick at. Even two sticks. I’d even go so far as to say you could shake 7 1/4 sticks at the full frontal nudity in this movie and still require more shaking. Plus, there is violence, biker gangs, airplanes, and an ending to confuse the bejesus out of you. Thanks to the wonders of dubbing, we get characters totally overacting, under acting, and sounding bored during dramatic moments. There is also a few lines that are so over the top they’re back down on the bottom again. It all combines to an odd combination, which fails to work on many levels. If there was no nudity, this would be one of the worst films of all time. Only because it’s specifically designed to be full of nudity is it safe for human eye consumption. Even then, it’s best to take it in doses, as a full amount could give you a lethal brain hemorrhage. TarsTarkas.NET will not be held responsible for any loss of brain cells after viewing the movie. Sit back, relax, and experience the ride, from the safety shield of the Recap Machine, as we warn you and future generations of the dangers of Terrifying Confessions of a Captive Woman.

The story of a woman who refuses to wear clothes and the couple she terrorizes begins during the opening credits. That’s basically what is presented, as a nice old rich couple is going about their day when a mirror is reflected into their condo. It’s being shined by their neighbor, a firm young early-twenties brunette who can’t be bothered to wear clothes. She’s actress Patricia Adriani, and is playing Susan Murphy, though we will never be told her name and I only got it from the back of a VHS cover. Most of these characters have no names, and IMDB is no help. Her clever plan to shine light into her neighbors’ condo seems to be paying off, as they are familiar with her shenanigans. Susan signs the number “three” in a subtle message to meet her at three. I hired a crack team of codebreakers to give you that information. They took a break from NSA spying on you, so hopefully we don’t get a terrorist attack in the next week or so. Tom is the name of the old man, he looks like Salvadore Dali bred with Pete Postlethwaite and created the ultimate 55 year old rich Italian. His wife disapproves of his method of meeting Susan. I guess Susan is too dense to notice that being blaringly obvious that you are communicating with a rich Italian guy isn’t the height of subtlety. The wife wants Susan out of the picture, and as she seems to be running the life of Tom, that’s what she’ll get.

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