Get Drafted into The Forever War

Joe Haldeman’s classic book The Forever War inches closer to actually becoming a real film, and not just a story that fills industry publication pages for forty years. Ridley Scott has been attached to direct since 2008, something he’s wanted to do since the novel was first published in 1974, but the rights were tied up almost forever. Finally, Fox 2000 got them, and recently got around to hiring the writer of the upcoming All You Need is Kill, D.W. Harper, to write the adaptation.

If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for??? An engraved invitation from the Taurans? Sheesh. Please excuse my SciFi Lit snobbishness. So anyway, The Forever War is about a soldier who goes to war fighting aliens called Taurans, but thanks to relativity effects from light speed the travel time takes decades, the aliens attack with ever-increasing technological weapons, and Earth is radically different each time he returns. Which causes the soldiers to reenlist and reenlist because Earth is more alien than the aliens. Eventually things get 1970s weird, and the whole books is a commentary on the Vietnam War. It’s often called a response to Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, and even features a Filipino main character and power armor, but Haldeman has denied that.

Deadline via BeyondHollywood
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Tauran The Forever War

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