Spring Breakers 2 and Maniac Cop remake announced

Spring Breakers was the best film of 2013, so of course it’s going to get a terrible-sounding sequel minus Harmony Korine’s involvement. That’s just life’s way of destroying everything you love. Wild Bunch is the production company that made the announcement of Spring Breakers 2 along with a whole slate of films, part of which will have production details released during Cannes. As a testament to this being internet movie news, no one cares about Abdellatif Kechiche’s The Real Wound, Arnaud Desplechin’s Three Memories of Childhood, or Abel Ferrara’s Welcome to New York, because none of those films will allow sites to post pictures of bikini-clad Disney stars for that extra pageviews juice. I also fully admit that’s what I’m doing, because I’m not only ripping open the curtain the man is hiding behind, but also the man behind the curtain!

Spring Breakers: The Second Coming will feature the Spring Breakers battling an extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them. Yes, this sounds like some sort of Lifetime movie, but stay with me here. Irvine Welsh wrote the script and Jonus Akerlund (Spun) is directing. Spun didn’t suck, but it wasn’t insanely brilliant like Korine’s films, so expect something interesting but just a hollow imitation. No word on returning cast members beyond declaring it not a direct sequel, but this is the kind of concept you don’t need them to return, you can easily get a whole new pack of Disney stars fresh off sitcoms and looking to foster a more mature image in an attempt to get more serious adult roles.

As for the Maniac Cop remake, it’s got a script finished by Ed Brubaker (Captain America 2) and is being produced by Nicolas Winding Refn (along with original director William Lustig), which makes me waaaaaay more excited than the Spring Breakers 2 news. The director will be announced at Cannes.

Wild Bunch also announced a new untitled Paul Verhoeven film, an adaptation of the book Oh! by Philippe Djian, a rape and revenge story. Verhoeven returning I am excited about, rape and revenge I’m not, almost everything possible with that scenario was done by all those direct to video films in the 80s and 90s.

Other films announced include Gaspar Noé’s Love and Isao Takahata’s The Tale Of The Princess.

Spring break forever!

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