Mr. Go (미스터 고 3D) – because the world needs another movie with Ape Baseball!

In a shock that will threaten your heart with breaking, the upcoming Korean gorilla playing baseball film Mr. Go 3D (미스터 고 3D) is not a remake of Ed, the best Matt LeBlanc movie ever. No, it is based on some sort of Korean comic (by Heo Yeong-man – 허영만) where a gorilla plays baseball. And they’ll be using the Rise of the Planet of the Apes motion capture technology to breath life to the gorilla. 200 Pounds Beauty director Kim Yong-hwa is helming, with Chinese actress Josie Xu Jiao (from CJ7 and Future X-Cops) starring. Expect it in 2013, the year of Gorilla Baseball! Now if only they make a film with an orangutan that plays baseball, and we’ll have the ape trifecta! Get on it, movie studios!

FilmBizAsia via Roast Pork

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