SciFi Channel upcomings – Thor: Hammer of the Gods and 100 Feet

Thor Hammer of the Gods

SciFi Channel continues throwing out more and more movies. What are some of the new films?

Thor: Hammer of the Gods premieres on April 11th, starring Zachery Ty Bryan (from Home Improvement) and Mac Brandt (Prison Break) Judging from the costar names this was filmed in Bulgaria.

100 Feet premieres on April 26th “After Marnie Watson kills her abusive husband in self-defense, she is condemned to house arrest… only to discover that the house is possessed by the enraged and violent spirit of her dead husband.” The title refers to the radius of her ankle bracelet. Starring Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Michael Paré (Ninja Cheerleaders)

Also a miniseries: Knights of Bloodsteel. Sunday, April 19 and Monday, April 20

“Once a paradise fueled by the all-powerful sorcery-grade metal known as bloodsteel, the distant land of Mirabilis begins to decay as supplies of the supernatural substance dwindle. The evil warlord Dragon Eye fights to gain control of the world’s supply of bloodsteel, which he will use to rule Mirabilis. But, an ancient prophecy propels four ordinary citizens to battle Dragon Eye. Their quest is to find the fabled Crucible – source of all bloodsteel – before the corrupt forces of darkness destroy their world.”