Korea's got their own Infenal Affairs with New World

Korea gets into the undercover cop movie business with New World/Sinsegye/신세계

Lee Jung-Jae plays an undercover detective who rises through the ranks of the local mafia, eventually becoming the number 2 guy beneath the newly installed boss. The detective then has to balance the mob boss who believes and trusts him versus his police superiors, who think of him nothing more than a pawn in their gang takedown. Hwang Jung-Min plays the mob boss, while Oldboy‘s Choi Min-Sik plays the police supervisor.

Park Hoon-Jung wrote and directs (he wrote I Saw the Devil, so this has a change of being good and grim!) And Choi Min-Sik is always awesome. It will be worth a watch!

See a preview trailer at AsianMediaWiki!

Choi Min-Sik

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