Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge (Review)

Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge

Stalked by my Doctor Patient's Revenge
Written and directed by Doug Campbell

Stalked by my Doctor Patient's Revenge

When you are stalked by yourself but yourself is also a doctor

After waiting far too long, Dr. Albert Beck is back again as the doctor who just loved love so much he would kill anyone who got in the way of his demented fantasies. Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge not only brings back Dr. Beck, it also brings back the Green family from the first movie. Sophie Green (Brianna Joy Chomer) and her mother Adrienne (Deborah Zoe) are back, along with the ever-useless father, Jim (Jon Briddell). Sophie has returned in Goth Form, dark hair, full of nightmares about her time with Beck. But Beck is a free man (thanks to seducing a juror!) and has even gotten a teaching job at a university in Arizona. Sophie decides that it is time to be proactive and enrolls in the school as well with the express goal of forcing Beck out.
Stalked by my Doctor Patient's Revenge

Driving while goth

It’s a revenge movie, but this time the victim is someone who is actually bad. But in Lifetime fashion, Beck has some tricks of his own for getting revenge on the revenger. And he may have just found the young lady love of his life! Lifetime really went all out here, hats off to Eric Roberts and Doug Campbell for this amazing gift of a movie. Not only is Dr. Beck still having his obsessions and fantasies, but the fantasies have spilled into his reality. Beck spends part of the film arguing with a more sensible version of himself, who in true Dr. Beck style is always drinking and dressed like he’s on a tropical vacation. The fun in the film is so much is fantasy mixed with reality it’s often a guessing game as to whether things are real or going off the rails in Beck’s fantasy mind. Not knowing makes it so much more fun and more crazy as they can get away with goofy stuff, you’ll just think it’s fantasy until it isn’t, or isn’t until it is. Patient’s Revenge is not above trying to quadruple mindfreak you.
Stalked by my Doctor Patient's Revenge

Perfectly sane, this happens all the time

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